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    Hello everyone, I'm my boyfriend's romantic partner. My boyfriend has right kidney failure in stage 5, currently ongoing with a in-center dialysis treatment. His kidney problems started mid-October. He is also suffering hypertension, and this was the cause that got him admitted in the hospital recently. Last time we talked, he told me he is probably not going to make it past days or weeks, which seems odd to me because based on the research Ive made, people usually live more, even though I guess it depends on the situation and the age. He is quite young, only 23 in fact.
    He didn't consider a transplant yet as the financial costs of it don't let him. Because of his situation and lack of social life due to house arrest he has fallen to depression too. We are in a long distance relationship and it hurts seeing him like this, I can't travel yet because of his country's borders not being open too. Is there anything we could do? Or any hope, at least? I feel it is common for a person to go in denial when they tell you such bad news but I just can't believe his life is going to end soon. I feel he's scared too, he told me he feels lonely. Thank you so much in advance.
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    My husband was diagnosed with Stage 5 chronic kidney disease in 2014. Everything I read was very discouraging, in terms of his expected lifespan. It's now 2022, and he is still alive and kicking. He's 99 years old! He is just starting peritoneal dialysis training this week. He hasn't been on dialysis at all prior to this. So please don't lose hope.