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Preparing for Dialysis

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  • Preparing for Dialysis

    Hello, my husband is going to be starting in-center Dialysis soon. Since we are both new to the process, how will he feel after treatment? Will he be hungry, tired, anxious? Do I need to do anything?

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    hello,after treatment he feel need to give him something to second breakfast some tea bread eggs....and after that he need to have some rest.
    my husband he is also in treatment..and i m watching his diet...


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      Update: my husband has been on in-center hemodialysis for over 4 mos. He is tired afterward, his BP is very low which causes dizziness and fatigue, his diet is ok, his meds change, UTIs are more frequent, he has lost weight but not enough for a transplant. I don't know if he is going through depression as he doesn't discuss that aspect with me. He still manages things around the house while I continue to work full time. Things have changed drastically physically that I worry about him. I am close to semi-retiring so I don't have to work so much and can be with him more. We may have to move in the Spring to be closer to his elderly mom. I feel that I may need to take caregiver classes for both of them. How do I cope with all of the changes, support him without smothering him and yet understand the process, and not feel overwhelmed?