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  • Piesmom
    I don't have much to offer as to why one gets the hiccups or what can help but I can tell you that I had them as well. I am not on dialysis yet. Long story short, I had surgery and have only half of one kidney now. Afterwards I had the hiccups for more than six months. I thought it might be related to spending too much time in bed, not sitting up straight. Eventually I found a good balance of diet, rest and activity and my kidney function improved slightly. Once my gfr went up a couple of percent, the hiccups magically disappeared. I did ask my kidney doctor, who I think is wonderful, but he couldn't tell me why I had hiccups.

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  • cruzclau1
    started a topic Hiccups


    Hello everyone, my name is Claudia and my younger brother is a dialysis patient. He's had hiccups off and on for the last 3 days. Has anyone had this happen before? His nephrologist suggested it might be a side effect from a medication but he's not sure. I'm not sure what to do for him and I'm hoping someone might have some advice. Thank you!