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Caregiver diet concerns

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  • Caregiver diet concerns

    My husband is on a very strict renal diet,currently on dialysis. My question is,as a healthy but tired caregiver! , are we putting ourselves at risk by consuming a renal diet as well? I am afraid I might be missing out on the nutrients I need. Thanks in advance

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    In my opinion, yes and no......depending on the protein source, you could be doing a bit much. In dialysis patients, they need as much protein as they
    ​can get. My dad used to eat 6 scrambled eggs each day for home made sausage (fresh ground pork, with sage and mrs. dash added).
    ​good protein, not so good cholesterol. But he kept his protein and energy levels up....never seen such a skinny man eat so much !!
    reduction of sodium (2000 mg or less).......that's actually good for you. The phos and potassium. You could eat both, and if you are working a lot
    ​and things, you need some K. You could also use maybe a bit more phos........just add some cheese to your plate, to get some phos, and throw in
    ​a banana or orange....maybe while in dialysis, you can have a banana or the like while in the waiting room

    ​You've got to take care of yourself, so you can take care of him. Also, ask your husbands dietician. There is usually a monthly meeting, and ask, they can
    ​help you as well. Also if you feel tired, pooped out, and the like, talk to the social worker...they also usually have a monthly patient meeting...your not a bad
    ​person, or something to be ashamed of if you are a bit on the tired side....there might be some little things, or options, or ideas they can come up,
    ​and there are resources available too. Doesn't hurt to ask. When we were in dialysis, they told us they take care of the patient, and their family
    ​because the family will have an impact on the patient.

    ​just keep putting one foot in front of the other. take care both of you


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      I work 5 days a week. I have worried about this at times. I know this thread is two years old, but I'll share anyway.
      Caregivers and spouses, etc. have to take care of themselves. It's a fact. What good can we do if we go down over something completely within our control. At work, I eat lunches and snacks that fill in the gaps in my diet.


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        I also work full time and I worry about my husband. I have made some of the Davita recipes and they are pretty good. They are also good for me, and if I need to I may add things for me.