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You all will think I am crazy

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  • You all will think I am crazy

    I do not have renal failure, my dog does. My dog has stage 2 renal failure most likely due to hypertension that was missed for a long time. I am here because I needed to research foods my dog could eat. The food they prescribe at the vet called KD, the dog will not touch. In fact, I am having a hard time getting the dog to eat anything and just found out my dog also has pancreatitis. This is all of a sudden, and yes my dog is like my child. She is 13 years old but that is not old by whippet standards. She has been the best dog and I am really just trying to help her anyway I can. So please don't get angry with me. I am desperate to help her.

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    You're not crazy! I have a cat that is like my child. Have had her for 17 yrs so I get where you're coming from. I read something about dog diets for with kidney problems. they need lower protein diets or do small amounts of high quality protein such as in eggs, yogurt, tofu, cottage cheese and certain other cheeses and potentially fish. I don't know if you could work some of those in with her food. Is there another food your vet could recommend? You could probably also search online for other foods your dog may like and that would be good for her. Hope this helps even just a little!


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      My granddaughters dog had cancer she made chicken broth, rice and shredded chicken for him and he done well on that for some time. Just a thought. Good luck..our pets are family.


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        Trish, your not crazy. Our Daisy is 13 and I worry about her health in the same fashion as my husband who is on dialysis. Both of them eat white rice & baked chicken. My husband tires of it but Daisy does not. : ) Keep an eye on your pup and make sure they are not in pain or suffering. Love your pup and enjoy the time you have.
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          pancreatitis is the important thing right now.