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    Single and on dialysis

    Being Single

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    me too. Single.

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    My home hemo regimen would not be possible if I were single and/or did not have a committed care partner. While there are social aspects of in-center dialysis, I wouldn't trade them for the convenience, comfort and control I have with HHD.

    It's a lot of joint (patient and care partner) responsibility) for my spouse of 36 years and I, but we are accustomed to the routine and revel in the improvement opportunities that have presented themselves through two years of "practice". I would not have likely been able to develop the skills I possess in handling/cannulating with both sharp and blunt dialysis needles as well as the development of 8 buttonhole sites since March 2013 (5 in use) in my expanse of fistula vessels. I couldn't do that without the assistance and support of my care partner.

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    Nope, not single.

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