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Thread: Hi. New here.

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    Hi. New here.

    Trying to get my uric acid way down so I can be placed on the transplant list. I have everything else under control and medication is not helping. Any suggestions?

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    Several contributors with the same issue have mention Uloric and other prescription medications that target lowering uric acid. Most of these folks are gout sufferers, which is brought on by the production of crystals from the uric acid specifically in extremity joints, e.g. toes. Gout can be quite painful - the slightest contact in the affected area is intolerable. Avoidance of organ meats, hot dogs, duck and otherwise very rich foods can help reduce uric acid levels and reduce chances on a gout attack.

    I had two gout attacks in successive years - 2011 (pre-dialysis) and 2012 (dialysis) and nearly one year apart, ball of foot and knee. A dose of prednisone resolved the symptoms in both instances. Oddly, my uric acid levels were high-normal, and as such, no medication to address.

    Those uric acid levels have since retreated to a low normal range, and I have been gout free since the last attack in late 2012. Gout does run in my family, while kidney disease does not - spontaneous mutation sourced Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). I'd like to attribute the lowered uric acid and absence of gout attacks to my HHD regimen and the associated kidney diet.

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