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    My mother has stage 5 Kidney failure

    My mother is 85 and over the past 4/5 years has had many health issues. She has kidney failure and because of her health, surgery is not an option.
    I have been caring for her for a few years now.
    It's very difficult seeing how much she has been going down hill these past couple of months.
    The hardest thing is seeing her so frail and having no energy. She has always been an active lady, much like myself really.

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    Hello TriciaA,

    You didn't note if your mother is on dialysis, but I will presume that she is. I started HHD and with it hemodialysis in July 2012 and haven't lost a step - still work a demanding full time job that requires travel. Unlike your mother, I am 25 years her junior and don't have any health issues outside of PKD and the need for dialysis.

    While I am an HHD patient and conduct treatments in the comfort of my home and on my schedule, I have treated in center when on business travel for more than 2 or 3 days so that I can stay on my 5X week HHD treatment schedule. I have seen plenty of elderly and frail hemodialysis patients when treating in center. Most are unable to drive and must rely on medical transport to get between their residences and the dialysis center. Most have other health issues that periodically require hospitalizations. I certainly cannot speak for their respective "quality of life" but, from simple observation, I can't imagine that theirs is satisfying.

    Unless you are in a position to serve as her care partner and both demonstate the ability and willingness to be trained and then conduct home hemodialyis, your mother's future life through in center dialysis has appreciable limitations that will make any effort at maintaining an active lifestyle quite difficult.

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