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    A Healthy Diet for Patients with Stage 3 CKD

    A healthy diet is crucial for Stage 3 CKD patients, but there is no ideal meal plan fitting every patient. Because making a suitable diet should depend on many factors such as kidney function, lab values, body size, nutritional status and health history, you can consult a dietitian for an individual diet plan if you have stage 3 chronic kidney disease.

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    Yes, that's right. Every person's diet requirements are different. My dietician told me I had to have a low protein, low sodium, low phosphorus diet. I had been eating all the wrong things! It's been a learning experience. Learning new things every day. Education is so important - cannot stress that enough.
    I feel so fortunate that my disease was caught in Stage 3!

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    So true! Diet is so very important in managing kidney disease. The website is a great resource for recipes and diet basics, as is

    Way to be proactive about your kidney health!

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