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    Feeling like CRAP!!

    Hey all. I'm in Stage IV CKD. Numbers are:

    Serum Creatinine: 3.5
    BUN: 54
    GFR: 22

    Numbers have been fairly stable give or take. I've been feeling very nauseated and tired lately without any energy. I just feel like complete crap and sleep a lot. I've asked my Neph several times if I should start thinking about a renal diet. His position is "NO" and my only limitations is monitor salt intake. My question for you guys should I be thinking about a renal diet? Is my diet causing me to feel this way? I'm a meat and potatoes guy so I do eat a lot of protein. Is this causing me to feel so sick all the time? Are my kidneys not processing what I'm eating, thus making me feel bad? I go back and see doctor a the end of month and have several other questions as well.

    Thank you for any help you can give me.


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    I was sick with potatoes, protein (red meat not fish or chicken), nuts and milk products. Don't eat them and feel better but still not feeling normal(just better). Of course everyone is different on how their bodies respond to their kidney disease.

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