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    Angry Having Supplies Limited - PD Patient

    I'm just curious if others are being affected. I'm a PD patient and I was told last clinic visit that some of my supplies would no longer be available due to some "cost measures". They're no longer allowing drain bags, patient extension lines and even our hand soap has been taken away. I was told by my nurses and some staff members that Davita has some legal issues and in result of the situation it's controlling the very people they are intended to help, the Dialysis Patient. If anyone has more information as to why the Patients are taking the fall for this situation or if anyone has information on the supplies restrictions I would appreciate it.

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    A similar situation happened two years ago for us home hemo patients. Several of us complained about it, especially about the added out of pocket expense we would incur. I ended up writing an email to the center manager with a detailed tally of each item I use per treatment (e.g. How many needles, how many syringes, sponges etc). think it helps to let them know exactly how much supplies we use. Eventually they were able to adjust their home hemo budget and give us these supplies each month.

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