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    Comparison of NxStage to Fresenius

    I posted this on another thread, but got no replies. I don't know if that is because the other thread is not used much or if no one wanted to reply. LOL. So, ignore if you already saw this. Thanks.

    I found several old threads but no new ones. Would like to hear from anyone who has recent experience (last 3 yrs or so) with both of these machines. I have not posted in a while, Mr Malibu received a kidney June 2, 2012, Membranous GN now back and so we will jump on the dialysis train once again. Good thing we didn't sell the dialysis chair and have the pedal operated sink removed from the medical room!

    Any info you can provide would be appreciated. We are looking for comparisons regarding better labs, feeling better, difficulty in set up etc. among the two machines. We did home hemo 12/2009 to 6/2012 on Nxstage.

    Thanks much.

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    I have been using the NxStage System 1 cycler for HHD during the past 20 months. I enjoy the ease of setting up and priming the machine, the snap and tap and the final connections of blood lines before cannulation and connection to the machine. Making adjustments in Ultrafiltration and Dialysate rate and volume, as well as Blood Flow Rate is easy. I have been programming the cycler several times per week to accommodate both nocturnal and short daily treatments. The cycler only requires three adjustments to change from a nocturnal treatment to a daily treatment. Alarms are generally easy to manage and it is easy to change rates and volumes during a treatment to slow things down or speed them up. We have traveled with the System 1 and it performed flawlessly with premixed bags of dialysate shipped to my destination by NxStage.

    I have treated in-center on several occasions around the country during business travel and have used the Fresenius 2008K dialysis machine. The treatments on these machines tend to be a bit more aggressive and in contrast to the System 1, which can be programmed to remove all of your fluid during the first 3/4's of the treatment time, the Fresenius takes the fluid off all during the entire treatment, which doesn't afford as much time for reaction to cramping from excessive fluid removal. The Fresenius seems to alarm more frequently as venous or arterial pressures move out of the tolerance set by a sampling of prior readings. Perhaps it's because I can't resolve any alarms on these machines per the rules of the center, that I find them too sensitive and inflexible. These machines are not portable.

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