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    new caregiver to new patient

    My husband has been on dialysis for 2 weeks now and at first he was peering 1500-2000 cc a day but just started yesterday he has a hard time going pee, his heart Dr cut his lassics to once a day is this normal??

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    Yes, it's usual to have less pee after starting dialysis to no pee at all unless he has Polycystic Kidney's which keep peeing. The nurses told me that I would stop peeing but in rounds in the center the doctor told her that I was different than others on dialysis. The only reason I pee less is because they have limited my liquid intake. If I drink more than my 5 cups of liquid a day, I pee more. My weight is usually the same. 1.5 K is taken off each time I go and no matter how much I drink, I pee it out. As for the lassics I don't know and someone else can help you there on this sight..

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