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    Hired Nurse or Tech for Home Hemo

    I have not started Dialysis yet, but will soon. I really want to do home hemo but I do not have a partner, I live alone with a 5 year old. I was wondering if it is possible to hire a nurse/tech to assist with this and was wondering has anyone done this before, does insurance help cover or is out all out of my pocket? An if there is a going rate for hiring?

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    Getting a fistula in a couple weeks
    Dialysis starting later

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    Call Social Security and find out what you need to do. As I understand it, if you train for HHD the SS will pay for it. You are eligible for SS after you start dialysis. They will answer your questions. You will have to have someone as a caregiver to be there when you do HHD. You will not be able to care for a 5 year old on your own if you are connected to a machine.

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    Hello tstorm3,

    If you find an HHD clinic that is willing to train you, it is very likely that they require your care partner to participate in the HHD training as well as live in your home or certainly nearby and must be present any time you are dialyzing (on the machine). There are many individuals that are active on this site who would pursue the flexibility and empowerment of HHD but are unable to do so, because they are either single or do not live with an individual who would be willing and able to perform the required functions of an HHD care partner. Contact Medicare and determine if they reimburse for the services of care partner for conducting home hemodialysis.

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