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    Post Protein powder for the lactose sensitive CKD patient

    Advised yesterday by physician (not nephrologist) to add protein powder with no added anything to my diet to help with weight loss due to another health issue. Online research has so far led me to believe that whey protein isolate is the best option, since the isolate has little lactose. Wondering if anyone has this particular set of circumstances. I frequently can't do nutritional drinks, even milk free, because of the milky consistency. Same with soy and almond milks. Not sure about daily use of soy powders (if there are any) just because of not-so-great publicity in the past about soy. Huge GI and CKD. What fun to puzzle this out. Help!

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    Also, the other drinks my have vitamins added that the doctor does not want you to have. I have a parathyroid problem converting vitamins to unwanted problems added to the kidney's so I am not permitted anything with added vitamins. I noticed that certain patience at the dialysis center are given protein in a drink (no milk) and in a frozen cup. I can not have those.

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