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    I did PD for 11 years and loved the freedom it gave me. I actually went to Europe on PD. I had the material sent to each destination. We had no problems til we arrived in Italy. I called ahead to make sure that the PD fluid had arrived. When we got to Italy they had lost it in the hotel. We found a dr. in italy who had the material in his office. He was a God send because we arrived at his office about 10 P.M. the night before Easter Sunday. He graciusly gave us all we needed. I will tell you though, you will develop a tummy because you are carrying about two liters during the dwell. The diet is pretty restrictive, cheese and milk are pretty much a no! I switched to home -hemo after peritonitis. You must keep catheter clean and covered as well as being careful to keep a sterile environment. It is good you can do that kind while you sleep at night. Each one has its benefits. Iwill sre any of my experiences with you, but be sure o consult you doctor. I will pray for you as you begin this Journey. Blessings,

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    I have restless leg syndrome --my doctor prescribed Gabapentin and it works very well. I still have a few leg kicks going to sleep, but after that it's all good. See if her doctor can check into it for her. I am on dialysis, and still take it.

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    I did pd. it was great at first. Then I got sick and could not eat enough to keep up with the nutritional demands of the exchanges. Make sure you know
    How much you need to eat. Pd is great. You can eat everything you can't on hemo and since you are doing exchanges every night you can drink a lot more than on hemo. It took me 2 weeks to get used to only 4 cups of fluid a day. The freedom of pd is the reason I tried it in the first place. Unless you have to do an exchange during the day, you are free to do whatever
    You want during the day. Instead of spending 4 hours, 3 days a week at dialysis. Plus, they send everything to your house!

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