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    Juicing to supplement the vitamins and minerals I miss?

    Thinking about juicing to capture the vitamins, mineral, amino acids and enzymes I am currently missing in my daily diet. My labs have been consistently within parameters, my Phosphor is great and my potassium is even low. My dietician said I could have an occasional bannanna... My most favorite food and most missed from my menu. I do not take Renvela or potassium binders since I prefer to just control the intake rather than taking a pill to achieve the same result. Dietary modulation is much cheaper than taking pills and not as difficult as most people have been led to believe. I pretty much eat and drink whatever I want and as long as I moderate the high "trouble" foods my monthly blood work has been in the preferred ranges for the last 4 years. Any ideas of what else I can add to my juicer to increase the items I want without adding excess Pot and Phos? Any ideas would be appreciated, and I will get this set up and going then I will post up a copy of my labs so we can all see how well it is or is not working.


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    There is a book called "Juicing Can Save Your Life" by Dr. Sandra Cabot, an MD from Australia. I have been using a juicing recipe of hers specifically designed for kidney health. Her grandmother was 28 when she was diagnosed with ESRD in 1930 - before dialysis existed. Her prognosis was very poor. The husband was a nutrition specialist at a hospital. He took her home and began a lifetime of juicing. She lived to be 78 years old at a time when mortality from this was through the roof. I have been using her recipe for my husband for the last 4 months. His numbers have not shifted significantly but I believe it has helped his immune system and his red blood numbers have improved substantially. One thing you need to be aware of is that it can increase potassium levels but having said that, my husband is a vegetarian so we only juice 3 times a week after dialysis because he is eating vegetables for two out of three meals a day. If you are interested in the recipe, let me know and I'll be happy to send it to you. Since I don't check this site very much, you can e-mail me at my personal address. Just "friend" me and I'll send you the address. Good luck with your quest!

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    I am interested in learning about the book receipe what does your renal rd think
    I guess if your labs are fine?

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