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    Successes with Work?

    Hi. I am not yet on dialysis, and work part-time and go to school part-time. I have a GFR of 11, and have been on the transplant list for a little over three years. Have had 5 potential live donors, all who were turned down for one reason or another. Oh well. I have PKD.

    My question is, if you work, how do you do it and have any energy for anything else? I worked about 35 hrs last week, in a fairly low stress job in a church nursery with only a few kids. But by Wed my kidneys were very upset, and last night and today I have had a lot of pain and uncomfortableness, some nausea and a bit of edema. This is why I stopped working full time. But, I thought maybe with the lower stress job it would be okay. Not so much. My house is a disaster and I feel like a slug.

    So, if you work, how do you do it? What helps? What doesn't?


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    Well, I'm at 11% and have PKD as well, but work 40 hrs/week in a manufacturing supervisory position, as well as having an elderly father I need to visit at least twice a week. I find that eating a LOT of high-carb foods helps (luckily, I'm not diabetic), and trying to get enough sleep helps as well. A couple cups of coffee each day is an absolute must, as well. Perhaps my athletic days in my past are what keeps me going. I've lost a lot of muscle mass (6'2", used to weigh 185, now weigh 165), but what remains is probably still pretty strong.

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