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    The quality of life really improves many times after a transplant. Yeah, you will be taking medicines every day but thats nothing compared to the alternative. You'd be living as normal as anyone can. If you have the option, I'd highlighly recommend thinking hard before saying no to it.

    First few months after the transplant will be tough, you'd loose a lot of weight, wont be able to walk as quickly etc but should recover within few months and wont be able to thank enough to your donor. You may have to steer away from couple of food items that may interfere with your medications but its better than staying away from 100s of those otherwise.

    Yes, you will loose your hair etc because of medication/anti rejections but thats temporrary and you can get those back. Yes, you will have lot of regular blood work after the transplant but thats to fine tune your medication and once you are at a steady state, once every quarter or six months is fine.

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    I'm going to have the mapping of my veins done,And in the mean time going to see a Dr. about a transplant....I have 2 Donors to see if they match
    I really Really don't know if I want it.The more I read the more my head spins......
    .I know I have to do something my GFR is down to 13.

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    Hi, I'm 13 months post kidney transplant and feel wonderful. This follows several months of complications (mostly related to faulty ureters) and multiple trips to the hospital. I will say that in those early months, I often longed for the 4 good days of the week I enjoyed while on dialysis (3.5 years). Now, I'm good. (FYI, I was almost 65 when I got the transplant and can finally say I'd do it again.)

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    This is a very tough call for me. I''ve been listed with two transplant programs for going on 3-1/2 years and I've been conducting HHD for the past 2 years. My care partner/spouse and I have successfully assimilated the 5X weekly HHD regimen into our busy work and play lives and my health has been as good or even better than before starting HHD. I never got sick or hospitalized, starting HHD training before my PKD reached the point of dialysis as a necessity for life.

    All the uncertainties associated with hemodialysis have vanished and I'm in a controlled and predictable process. That all potentiallly changes with a transplant. The unknowns of the medication regime and its affect upon me and the new kidney. The unknowns of a major surgery that will hospitalize me for 3 days and keep me off a motorcycle for 3 months along with other temporary lifting restrictions.

    The benefit of getting about 10 to 15 of the 20 hours per week back that I spend in combined daily and nocturnal dialysis. It's only that many hours because I use the time I would normally be sitting in one place (computer bill paying, email, shopping, TV and DVD watching, reading, listening to music) to dialyze and of course when I sleep, there is only the lost time in machine set up and hook up and end of treatment. The benefit of being able to travel without the logistical challenges of arranging dialysis treatments or transporting my NxStage System1 Cycler and supplies. My HHD regimen has not been a barrier to any aspect of my employment and that would not change up through working to full retirement age.

    Perhaps my greatest motivator for receiving a kidney transplant would be the desire to take on a new challenge and prevail as we have done with HHD. The sheer boredom that could be associated with the HHD regime might be the determining factor. But much like the service and enhancements I have been performing on the vehicles that I own causes me to hang onto them (forever?), the improvements I continue to find and make in our HHD process, keep the activity fresh and challenging, and I've got a 7th button hole (5 in use) created since March 2013 as evidence of at least one way that I continually improved the process and my treatment flexibility.

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