God Bless and continue to guide you. My husband is 75, spunky and fun. This past year I watched him literally go down the tubes. No energy, no appetite, depressed, sleeping all the time. December 17, his kidneys failed and was admitted to hospital for PD. Also they had to do surgery to remove scar tissue from inside his abdominal wall. The two surgeries were hard on him. I t was two weeks before discharging him home,(and believe me he came home to soon) almost killed me. I am normally a strong restrained woman, but this disease can be harsh. He came home December 31, Sound,ay, Monday & Tuesday exhausting with care and transportation to dialysis center. Wednesday, New Year Center closed I was told how to do home dialysis manually. We completed, two more days and clinic and now this weekend manual dialysis. Next week at center daily, then we should have completed our training and have a machine to bring home to do dialysis in the evening while sleeping. Let me tell you, today, Sunday, husband got out of bed by self, walked to kitchen for a cup of coffee and paper. He has more energy, has lost 5 years of aging in face and body. He and I are so excited about his treatment and progress. Do not be afraid, it has been a God-send to us.