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    Looking for an understanding friend

    I've been on Hemodialysis since 1999 . It's very hard, I'm a single male -54 yrs old and really don't have any help from my family. I try to stay active in my church. I love watching football and baseball. I like to go bowling and shooting pool. I just would like to find someone to talk to that understands. I also had a kidney transplant in 1984: it failed in 1999. Anybody out there just want to talk?

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    I totally understand that dilemma! Being on dialysis limits our social activities and plays on our state of mind. I'd be happy to chat. I'm a NKF Peer to Peer Mentor so I'm used to that. You are welcome to call them and set up a conference line for us. Their phone number is 855-653-7337 and you can ask for Devon as your mentor. They know me. I look forward to talking with you. We probably have a lot in common.
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    I understand how things can be hard. Others really dont understand how you feel or what may be going on. It can be very emotional and discouraging. I am recovering from a transplant right now so I may not be the best person for you but I am willing to talk and chat, if you want. Keep in mind each day brings new challenges and if you look joys. It can be difficult but you are not alone.


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    I would love to be your friend. I M not on dialysis but have stage 3 kidney. Disease. I have problems with what to eat, drink,etc. I don't sleep anymore and I M told stress makes everything worse. I will be your sounding boRd,if you need one

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    I'm looking for friends too. i'm married and have plenty of family and friends but its not the same as being able to share with some one who is in your shoes. I've known for a while that my kidney function is getting lower and lower but all theses numbers make my head swim. I'm trying to get informed. I am not on dialysis yet and I'm not sure how you know what stage your disease is, but at the ER last night the dr. told me I was in kidney failure.

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    If possible PD is the way to will feel better,have more freedom and not as restricted on foods to eat ect.hope everything works out.

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