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    What to drink in this hot weather

    Have stage 3 CKD, what is safe to drink while at work? Get tired of 7-up and the flavored water I was drinking is discontinued (had no Potassium and Phosphates. Any suggestions.
    Am also diabetic.
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    Hi texnanny, Personally I drink water, soda water (1 glass daily) and ice tea in the summer. A squeeze of lemon or lime adds flavor. If your labs are in the normal range, at stage 3 you are not that limited except for the consideration of your diabetes. Always consult your Dr. or Dietician for the final ok on dietary needs. Have a great day!

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    What timing. I stopped to see my former PD nurse and she shared a list of drinks which are are okay to drink and those to avoid.

    Low phosphorus drinks:
    Fanta: grape, pineapple and strawberry
    Rootbeer: A&W, Mug, Barq, IBC,
    Crush: grape, orange, cherry, pineapple, strawberry
    Canade Dry: Ginger Ale, & green tea ginger ale
    Sierra Mist
    Welch's fruit punch & grape SODA
    Tropicana twister soda
    Sunkist orange & lemonade
    Minute Maid lemonade
    Fresh brewed tea & iced tea
    Lipton Pureleaf Tea
    Arizona Tea (in plastic container)
    Turkey HIll: green tea & raspberry tea
    Turkey hill: lemonade, orangeade, & lemonade
    IBC or Mug Cream soda
    Country Time lemonade ready-to-drink
    Simply lemonade, limeade, lemonade with raspberry refrigerated (avoid other flavors due to higher potassium)
    MInute Maid lemonade
    Tropicana berry punch 5% juice (refrigerated)
    Snapple tea in glass bottle
    Stewart's key lime
    Ocean Spray
    Hi-C lemonade
    Capri Sun
    Koolaid Jammers

    DRINKS TO AVOID: contain phosphorus
    Fanta: orange
    Hawaiian punch
    Sunny D all flavors
    Mountain Dew code red
    Hires root beer
    Dr Pepper
    All colas: diet, regular vanilla, ect.
    Pibb Xtra
    Amp Energy
    Muscle Milk
    Nestea Iced teas ( in a can )
    Lipton ice tea and Green tea, brisk tea, & lipton sparklin
    Turkey hill unsweetened iced tea
    Country Time powder lemonade and tea
    Monster rehab tea+, lemonade+, & Energy
    Starbucks double shot
    Some snapple drinks in plastic bottles
    Dasani or sobe flavored water
    Aquafina flavor splash
    Propel zero
    Koolaid powder
    little hugs fruit barrels
    crystal light
    vitamin water

    Please do NOT forget your fluid intake limits. If unsure of your allowance, check with dialysis nurses and/or Doctor.
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    Well Ding Dang....I "live" on Crystal Light and Lipton Iced Tea....I gotta make some changes. Thanks, Marina, for the heads-up.
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    I agree. What a great list of drinks, Marina! Tonia is right that you usually are not limited in fluid at stage 3. I would just watch and limit the amount of potassium and phosphorus that you drink so you don't over do it.

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    Thanks Marina . This helps a lot.

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    HI personally I want to share a favorite drink of mine being a diabetic is Milk.Milk with sugar free sweetness is very enjoyable an it also contains a sum of carbohydrates in this which is quite healthy formula.

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    I would like to suggest you cold water or you can just have lemonade without the sugar and it still tastes wonderful.

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    What about the herbal teas, like Camamile and mint, etc, I like hot drinks and assume that I can't drink coffee so am trying to find hot drink alternatives

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    I prefer to drink hard liquor.....

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