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    Chinese Pea Pods

    I am looking for as many low potassium vegetables as possible to mix up my cooks. Are Chinese Pea Pods low potassium..also they need to be good for diabetics.

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    Re: Chinese Pea Pods

    Hi, Just saw your post today, but thought I'd answer even though some time has passed, perhpas if you've found your answer this will help someone else.

    You can check out levels of Potassium/Phosperous/Sodium right here on Davita or go to this website:

    Uncooked Pea Pods have 126 mg. Potassium per cup RAW. They have 240 mg. Potassium per cup COOKED. I found these values on the above site. Put in peas and then scroll down and choose peas edible-podded-raw and then boiled without salt to see the different values for the 1.0 cup measure at the top.


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