This is my local primary care Dr. - (my Neph. is 2 hrs. away) The primary care Dr. did not do a culture the 1st visit when the 1st antibotic was prescribed for 10 days. . I finished it & about 2 days later really started feeling uncomfortable & called back that I felt I still had the uti. . It showed I did still an infection -& they prescribed the Leviquin, they went on & did a culture this time but I didn't get the results until today because of New Yrs's Holiday off plus the wkend. . So, I've taken 6 days of Leviquin that was doing no good & I "think" giving me side effects. . Now, after their phone call to me today - & the results of my culture I'm to start on Macrobid. .

Thanks Madi's Granny for the correct spelling!!! I haven't picked it up yet. . I'm to start it tomorrow since I've already had a Leviquin today. . I've had Macrobid yrs ago & it did work well.

Well, I was really hoping my BP would stay down today. . I've had about 800 mg of sodium today. Around dinner time - 2 hrs ago my BP was 155/74 !!! Earlier at 3:00 pm it was 112/59 & 1st thing this a.m. it was 102/61. . See it goes up at night. . It may even be higher around 10:30 - 11:00 pm when I go to bed. . I just don't get it!! Granted, I have been on the sweets. . & too much sodium during Christmas eating with other people. . Today I ate my plain same old foods that I can live with.

Does anyone eat soyburgers?? Do you think they are ok?? Some are around 230 sodium - - but I'm using Ezekial 4:9 bread which is 0 sodium.