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    Green Smoothies?

    Does anyone make green smoothies? Are those good for a stage 3 kidney diet? Made with fresh fruit and greens. Thanks!


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    Re: Green Smoothies?

    Hello Peggy,

    Well... must they be green?? Here's a link to the beverages on DaVita, which lists some smoothie recipes. Would probably want to avoid the ones that are high protein since we should be mindful of our daily intake while in Stage 3, however, I'm sure you could carefully modify any of the recipes to include what you like and then use food analyzer to recalculate your new smoothie concoction!

    Smooth sailing... (or maybe that should be Smoothie Sailing for you Peggy!)
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    Re: Green Smoothies?

    I know what kind of greens I would put in my smoothie!

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    Re: Green Smoothies?

    This is a good question. A smoothie can replace a whole meal if it can do the following:
    - provide you with a balanced amount of vitamins and minerals
    - provide you with fibers
    - provide you with carbohydrates

    The main thing that smoothies may miss on is a fair amount of fiber and roughage, which are crucial to digestive health. Try adding more dense fruits, as well as flaxseed, to make it more consistent. Make sure it weight around 400 grams, and this would be an awesome, whole breakfast!

    Note that you need fats and proteins also, but that you don't need to include them in every meal of the day. So it's not ok to eat only smoothies, but a smoothie can replace one meal.

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