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    I have stage 3 kidney disease and tired all the time.

    Hi all,
    It has been very helpful reading that I am not alone. I just went to the nephrologists last week and was told I have stage 3 kidney disease.
    I also have type-2 diabetes, congestive heart and high blood pressure. The doctor changed my meds and put me on lasix and an ace inhibitor.
    All she said was to watch the potassium intake. I am going for a ultrasound in a couple of days.
    Is it inevitable that I will need to be on dialysis or need a transplant? Is there a timeline? How long until stage 5?
    Also, is it normal to be extremely tired all the time? I am only 47 and have no energy.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: I have stage 3 kidney disease and tired all the time.

    What is your creatinine?

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    Re: I have stage 3 kidney disease and tired all the time.

    birchley, Welcome to the forum. Since you have already seen a Neph. I'm guessing he ran a test to see if your anemic? This is fairly common in stage 3. I was when diagnosed. If you are, you might be treated with an iron supplement or IV depending on the severity. Even though my levels have returned to normal the tiredness remains, but not nearly as bad. Because you have high bp, watching your sodium intake is very important. It would be beneficial for you to see a dietician. Ask to see a renal dietician as they are more knowledgable about the kidneys. They can be very helpful with addressing your diabetic diet and help you if weight is an issue. From what I understand congestive heart can also make you tired. Have you discussed this with your cardio Dr.?

    As far as a time period towards stage 5--everyone is different depending on their own unique situation. It might help to know that you can stay at stage 3 for 20 yrs. plus. People on this forum have even stayed stable at stage 4 for many yrs. I think taking care of yourself is key. Eating properly, getting some exercise and following your Dr.s advice is important now.

    I promise you that in time this diagnosis will get easier to accept. Talk with your Dr. about being very tired. They will run tests and get you help for that. Keep reading and posting questions that you have. We know what your going through with the worries and we do care.

    May you always have Love to share, Health to spare, and Friends that care

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    Exclamation Re: I have stage 3 kidney disease and tired all the time.

    I remember how you fears are last year I was diagnosed at stage 3 I read many web sites relating to CKD this was helpful a little scary as well but I learned so much . The best thing I can recommend is get a dietition to help you . My kidney function went from 25 to 33 by following kidney diet . I went off diet slightly this summer and my kidney function dropped to 22 I had my B/P meds adjusted and restarted my low protien diet and my kidney function went back up to 27 in 10 days needless to say loiw pritien diet and listen to your neph. As you read and learn more everyone is different and each person has a unique problem but many can live many years without dialysis

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    Re: I have stage 3 kidney disease and tired all the time.

    Tired is a way of life that you have to manage.
    I am not a doc and have no medical training but you have an unholy combination of diseases. Congestive and other heart problems have a negative effect on your energy level whether you have kidney disease or not. You have to learn as much about it as possible and especially how to manage it. I am sure that exercise, mild and regular, will be a part of it. Without fail, do it.
    The Neph MD should also give you a list of dos and don'ts including a diet and liquid restrictions. Manage those and maybe 3 is as high as you'll ever have to count. Again, learn as much as possible about the disease and understand your role in its progression.
    Go to kidneyschool and learn all there is there. Get a notebook and keep notes. Go to and start keeping a record of your labs and vitals that are important for trending. Your doctors tell you what the normal person is like with data of x. Your records tell you, and him if you share, you should, what your body is like with data of x. They are not normally exactly the same.
    Make sure that everything your neph does he/she copies to your primary and your heart doc. Make sure that the Primary and the heart doc do the same. You get a copy also.
    Good luck to you
    May God have mercy on us all


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