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    Re: Frustrated with extremely high P levels and low protein.

    Quote Originally Posted by HMNU View Post
    I too have had problems with high P. and a bad side effect is that I will be come itchy. It's not pleasant and I know that in the past it is because I ate nuts ( i love almonds & pistachios) So, this last time I over did it and of course my P is high 7 and I have been working hard to get it down but I still feel itchy and miserable.

    One thing I did do is go on this site clicked on the tools link and put in all the food I eat in the food analizer. It showed me how much P is in all the food we eat. So I made a log of them and keep it on my fridge.

    Good Luck I hope your wife get's her P down too
    Hi Lani,

    You can always order/download a nutrition counter to carry in your purse

    Can I give you an easy tip on how to avoid those tasty nuts (that was one of my weaknesses too) ?
    Don't buy them.
    I used to keep my phos in the mid 3's (below 4 for the most part).
    Then one day I decided to buy a 1oz bag of pecans.
    The plan was to eat a couple pcs each day. I ate the whole (tiny 1oz bag) in one day.
    My phos level was in the 5's the next labs.
    The second I saw my lab reports I knew what had caused it.
    I never bought any kind of nuts again
    We do whatever it takes to to stay healthy, right!

    Take care!

    I received the GIFT OF LIFE on Nov 9, 2010 thanks to my wonderful donor Laura and her family!

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    Food guide and davita staff -meals to goobs opportunity

    As you prob. Know edamame and quinoa although great veg.protein sources high in phos.
    hopefully your renal dietitian has given you info or you can access it on davita site for some really good high protein smoothies
    also substituting the strawberries and using blueberries will lower potassium content a bit more... Yes check whey protein powders for phos levels def ****be mindful of that
    Davita website also has a good resource handout on protein bars that you can get anywhere that are high protein, an example is power bar level 3 vanilla
    The picture of the bar and nutrition info is on the handout
    It's great to share info with your friends at dialysis and talk to the davita dialysis team about suggestions they can do to educate you as well
    Making smoothies or other taste testing suggestions or education posters -things you hear in the news
    What YOU want to see...sometimes WE need to be reminded too

    Also if you can afford it look at purchasing meals delivered to you (especially your lifestyle) they may offer that in your area
    ----Dream dinners **no kidney meal plan but ask
    -----Seattlesutton ***there is a renal meal plan
    -----let's dish ***no kidney meal plan but ask
    -----BistroMD ***no kidney meal plan but ask-you do work online with a registered dietitian
    ----diettogo ***no kidney meal plan but ask
    Or you can see if they can incorporate it
    Some companies do offer kidney meal plans that May or may not be something to split with a friend and try out half month of meals to see if that could be an option depending on your lifestyle or a job venture

    Again this may be a great job adventure for some of you that are really into cooking and have that experience
    Food for thought

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    Has anyone tried IDPN for low protein. It is a solution given during dialysis. Looking for first hand feedback about side effects. Thanks

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