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    Unhappy Cushing's AND Kidney Disease!!

    My husband Mike is back in the hospital. He was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease two years ago and we have gone through hell and back trying to get his life back. He was taken from the vent center by ambulance today and is now in ICU. His bp is low, whiteblood cells are high, fever, edema and distended stomach. They also said there is almost no urine output. They are having a nephrologist come in to see him to check his kidney function. I pray that he does not have to go through what I am on top of his other health issues. I personally don't think his could handle the dialmysis if it came down to him needing it. I never seem to be able to quite get my breath before something new threatens to overwhelm me. They are checking potassium levels, they ran one test and his creatinine was high. They are also checking his cortisol levels to see if the kidney issues are stemming from that also. This Cushing's Disease has taken a lot out of him, I don't know how much more his body can take or if this will destroy all the progress he made.

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    Re: Cushing's AND Kidney Disease!!

    Wow I was reading on Cushings to better understand:

    I feel for you and hope they find the cause. Sounds like he has some kind of infection somewhere. I hope they find the cause soon so that his Creatinine comes back down!

    We are here for you *hugs*
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