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    Mustard and hot sauce

    I cook for my father who only has 12-15% kidney function. He likes to supplement the meals I make from the Da Viata Diet Helper Menu with mustard or hot sauce. Should I be worried about this or let him have the mustard and hot sauce? The hot sauce is just vinegar and chiles, no tomato.

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    Re: Mustard and hot sauce

    Watch the labels for sodium content as well. Mustard can be as little as 25 mg per teaspoon and as high as 115 mg per teaspoon.

    You can also make your own mustard. It keeps in the fridge for a couple of months. I have a recipe if you'd like. Mine is a hot mustard to which you can easily add honey if that's what your Dad likes.

    Same goes for hot sauce.

    I like Worchestershire sauce and I just limit the amount I use each time to just a drop or two.

    If in doubt or there is no label (condiments do not always require them) e-mail the company and ask for a nutritional breakdown of their product.

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