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    I have been searching for documentation on any negative side of using sure seal band aids. I hate walking out of the clinic bandaged up like I just had major surgery. I find nothing negative and agree it must be a cost issue. So I bought box of 100 for $16 free shipping. When I asked at my Davita in Georgia they said they wouldn't use them as there was a chemical in them that would damage my fistula ! Hog wash ! There was an occasion that I wouldn't stop bleeding after almost an hour ( usually only hold for 10 minutes). They sliced my vein/arm when removing needle with the bevel side of the needle. They went to a closet and came out with a sure seal...imagine that. I hate dialysis because of the attitude and lack of compassion there. I am now composing a very detailed letter to send to the ESRD grievance committee. I have only been in dialysis for 10 months and can't imagine enduring this for years.

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    I am unfamiliar with the product, but suspect that your clinic's issue with the product is that the chemical in the bandage may be damaging to your fistula if used on a long term basis. Clearly, the ideal way for you to stop bleeding is through the clot that is formed at the site by holding pressure at the site.

    I'm an HHD patient, trained in an HHD DaVita clinic, and I've always held pressure at the end of treatment - no clamps. After some 19 months of HHD and holding pressure on my buttonhole or sharp needle (in the development of button holes) fistula access sites, I've come to the conclusion that there are an immense number of variables that will determine my hold time.

    I have four different button sites, all developed by me. My two preferred venous sites will always clot off before my arterial sites by virtual of the blood flow pressure at the part of the fistula, which is comprised of a short large section that originates at the anastomosis and a series of run off vessels, which are fed by the anastomosis via different connections from the main portion. My two preferred arterial sites, on the main vessel, produce huge blood flows and pressures owed to their very close proximity to the anastomosis. That high flow and pressure, combined with a large compressible vessel, makes these pressure holds more subject to finger position and force variation and thus the need for precison in both position and hold force. The venous sites are far more "fault tolerant" to finger position and force variation. My ability to effect a successful hold is also affected by my state of fatigue, e.g. morning vs. evening treatment when I'm fresh vs. I'm tired from a day's work. If these variables were not enough others could be: the length of treatment, e.g. short daily or nocturnal, blood pressure at end of treatment, current blood chemistry - platelet count and level of hydration.

    I have had holds consistently in the 15 to 25 minute range (I've got a low platelet count and do not use heparin even for nocturnal treatments) and had others pushing 40 to 45 minutes and rarely to 60 minutes. If I knew precisely how long I was going to have to hold pressure after each treatment, I would be making a fortune in the stock market. I can say that firm, unwavering pressure with index and middle fingers with the arm resting on my over the bed hospital table seems to work the best. But I've had short length holds after getting up and walking around with the hold in place and even doing things with my fistula (non holding pressure) hand.

    You may be able to try some of these techniques in-center, but then again, rules may not permit it. Treating at home gives me more end of treatment flexibilty with what I can do and how I can do it during that consistently inconsistent hold pressure time period.
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