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    Recipe cards, bracelets and dvds

    Hello Everyone,

    For a while now, we've offered recipe cards, "Kidney Health" bracelets and a "First Day on Dialysis" DVD as free giveaways on It's the end of 2007 and we're just about out of stock. For now, we've taken down these promotions off the site.

    We're not sure yet when or if we're going to start these promotions back up again but feel free to inquire in this forum thread.

    For those that use our recipes, did you know we have around 500 recipes on our site now? Look out for some improvements to the section of our website coming soon.

    Those interested in the First Day on Dialysis video can watch it here. (The banner ad for the DVD is coming down shortly.)

    Look out for more new stuff on the website in 2008.
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    I must be out to lunch

    I don't understand the message system here. Would love to have contact with other
    users. I'll keep looking and watching, maybe I'll figure it out.

    Happy New Year!
    Katie O

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