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  • My son

    Hi everyone my name is Karen..I had my kidney transplant two weeks ago..right after we received my pkd diagnosis my son was also diagnosed..I handled my situation pretty well..I tried to stay positive but my son is in complete denial..he says he's not sick & im afraid that he isn't going to accept it

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    Hi Princess...Kidney disease or any disease is a hard pill to swallow. As he progresses and maybe feels side effects he might look at it differently. You might have him read some of the forums. In the mean time tell him what to look for as he progresses. What stage is he in? If he is in the early stages make sure he knows that how he takes care of himself may mean the difference between a good life and life on dialysis or transplant. I am glad you received a kidney transplant. I hope you are feeling well or at least on your way to feeling better. Take care.


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