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    About 4 years ago, I had blood in my urine. I went to my primary
    doctor and she prescribed me with medicine to deal with a UTI. She
    also had me do a sonogram. To my recollection, I wasn't told the
    results of the test.

    In the meantime, my job of now 8 years requires a comprehensive annual
    physical. At the time, there were no 'bells and whistles' about GFR's
    or Creatinine, although my BP was creeping up, year to year. My
    Cholesterol / Triglycerides were slightly high. The bloodwork results
    are sent to us, separate from the rest of the physical. I just send
    those to my primary doctor, as they could make more sense of things
    than I.

    In the meantime, I was being prescribed baby aspirin (81 mg) and
    Lisinopril to deal with the high blood pressure.

    The results 2013, in an unopened envelope I unwittingly tossed in the
    trunk of my car and when I had the results from 2014 in the visor, my
    daughter reminded me of it and I sent them both into my doctor, at the
    same time. Unbeknownst to me, both envelopes were carrying devastating
    about my GFR & Creatinine in them. My doctor called me immediately
    with the news that I may have kidney disease. My Creatinine went from
    1.08 to 2.78 and my GFR plummeted to 24%.

    He, the doctor with whom I have been dealing with from year to year,
    directed me to do another sonogram, as well as a blood test, as well
    as a urine test. It was then that I found out that the sonogram from a
    few years earlier, had revealed that I had a stone in each kidney. He
    also directed me to a nephrologist.

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    Hello JimScott. I have Chronic Kidney Disease stage 3. I found out by a random blood test also. I believe many people find out that way due to the fact that there are no signs in the early stages. Sorry that you now have to deal with Kidney disease. You will find a lot of useful info here. Glad you found your way here.


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      Start on dialysis sooner than later. Your kidneys are failing and you will more than likely be on dialysis in a year. Starting dialysis sooner preserves some of your remaining kidney function. My GFR went from 4 back up to 14 after I started dialysis and my creatinine dropped from 5.02 to 3.64.


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