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  • golden 369

    Just started on dialysis in August.Believe or not getting more information from this web site than from the center.Was just placed on a Iron medication known as Auryxia,for one month it costs $1100.00..Any suggestions of what else can be used

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    Hello Golden369. I am not on dialysis but I am sure there are many people who can give you there imput. I have found this site very helpful myself. Doctors don't seem to tell you a lot about kidney disease. I am astounded by the $1100. price tag of your Auryxia. Have you tried to call the drug company and see if they can help you with the price. I have read some people have gotten help with their medications that way. Not sure how it works but maybe you could call the company and see. It couldn't hurt.


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      HI I am not sure If I am allowed to tell you of the patient run dialysis site… but ( hint) they are also on Face book..
      just search for… you need to join to enter, it is free

      real people with great experience int his…very honest and no platitudes..just facts


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