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New to this stage 4 kidney disease

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  • New to this stage 4 kidney disease

    Hi guys im new looking for support on this whole thing. Its crazy i need a friend, im reaching out can anyone offer me some advice???? Please

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    Yes...don't believe everything people post here.


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      greetings ladyrazn30 , are you on dialysis or soon to be?


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        Hi there.
        Welcome. I recommend that you research the type of dialysis you want to do. I am on pd and do my treatments at home. I met with a dialysis nurse who reviewed the different options available so that I could make an educated decision. I'm so happy that I picked pd. It is easier on your body and you are able to function normally. I do my exchanges while I sleep which in turn frees up my day. People are always shocked to find out that I am on dialysis because I have lots of energy and don't look or feel sick. Feel free to ask me any questions and I will be glad to respond with the best of my abilities.


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          Hi Ladyrazn30. Welcome. This site has a lot of useful info. My recommendation is read through the forums. Don't get overwhelmed. I know it is scary and hard to figure out but just read all the info you can and ask lots of questions. Here are a few other sites with useful info and forums., and Kidney buzz has some interesting info on the possibility of an implantable kidney that is in testing. Cool stuff. If you need to talk just send me a friend request. Would be happy to share and support.


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            Hey scardeycat thanks for the reply this whole thing is scaring the hell out of me i need to know about how to get extra help and how can you get on disability and other options that i have. Im mostly scared for my kids i need to be around for them what can i do as a mother for them and how can i prepare them for this. These are all of the thing on my mind. I dont know how to send a request either can you help me out with that


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