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My name is Tom and i started hemo dialysis in may

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  • My name is Tom and i started hemo dialysis in may

    It was a surprise to be , i had been diagnosed with FSGS in 1998` So 16 year of basically normal living after being told i would be on dialysis within months - I AM BLESSED ( as everyone who can read this is ) I'm not talking just how long i starved off the inevitable. But the path having this diesea led me down i would not change for the world . i have an 8 year old son - anything this universe has to throw at me , LET IT - dozens of other great things have happened tobut my son has been the best. I WON - this disease can do nothing to me ( besides make me angry and depressed ) lol but her this is life- deal with it . I love to talk online - either sex but i get along better with womennot being creepy lol If i can find one experinced person to penpal with it would be great

    Oh have you ever heard of this - i was twoish hours intomy treatment- got a little dizzy , was going to say something when i caught the eye of a tech or nurse. Newxt thin i know im in an ambukkance 0 i had a grad ml seizer- my first ever and im 43 - all MIR and cat scans turned normal - doctrors said it probley had to do with my metabolicsystem getting thrown off - anyway i was just wondering if you hvae ecperince orwitness- if you wann be pen palls od such tommylee618 at yahoo hope to hear from you


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    What kind of dialysis do you do. I try to keep busy out side when I feel good .. I need some other hobbies for in doors . I like puzzle but my eyes hurt and games on my iPad are getting boring. I don't sleep well I do 3 exchanges a day ...I want to lay around a lot ,,,but must keep busy


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