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  • Dialysis FRIENDS,

    ]Greetings to all of you dialysis patients. I've been on dialysis since September 2013. I've gotten over the bumps and humps and now I working on friendships. Well I use to have so many people calling me to do things and go places but now those calls have diminished. I'm not looking to go hang out at the "BAR" anymore. Maybe on occasion but for me ....I like interesting conversation. I'm wondering if any of you other folks have experienced the "NEW NORMAL" now that you are on dialysis.
    I'm up for exploring new friendships.
    I'm a 58 year old , married mother of 3 adult children. I'm also an Artist who makes jewelry, does watercolor painting , loves rocks and crystals. into multiple religions and I use to Love to travel. Had to hang up my traveling shoes until I can get this transplant. So hit me back it you can feel where I'm coming from.

    Peace out:

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    Well, good morning! I am not on dialysis, but have had CKD for about 22 years. I am also an insulin dependent diabetic (45 years) which is why I am home now. Issues with my sugar dropping and not feeling it go low. (They call it hypoglycemic unawareness) My daughter stays with me now (humbling to say the least!) as I am only 55, married with two grown children, a graphic artist by trade (Lost my job 4 years ago, now trying to get on SSI, which is a very slow arduous process!) so I definitely understand your NEW NORMAL, as most of my friends are still working 9 to 5! So why did you give up your traveling shoes? I thought you could still travel (probably short trips) with dialysis? I have not read through too much on the topic, though I am guessing it is time for me to start...I am in the beginning stages of stage IV... the labs say I am at 19%.

    Anywho, I hope your day is off to a great start!


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      Hi Irish, nice to see your reply. Wow, I am surprised to see that you have been working with your kidneys for 22 years. I guess my function has been going down for about 10-12 years. It has been the last 3 that I really came to the realization that this is not a joke. Here in Oregon we have many Natropath Dr.s that are available to see. Mine helped me through a lot of the renal failure.
      Come September I will have been on dialysis for a year. The transition has been ok but, I'm glad that I am not working. I had a retail store for 19 years and I closed it June 2012. I couldn't keep up anymore. That was huge stress along with high blood pressure.
      I'm just about complete with all my exams and paperwork for kidney transplant list. My last hurdle is the advanced directives. It's hard to make these decisions when you feel you have been a healthy person all you life and now you body is saying "Sorry Charlie".
      I was use to traveling out of the country. Greece, Turkey, Italy, China, Africa. Finding dialysis overseas is a whole different ball game. So I figure stick to the U.S. It's just that you get to know your technicians and they know how you like your bandages, needles, and sitting position. Trust me these things are important when you are sitting for 4 hours 3 times a week.
      Today, wednesday is the morning after dialysis. I'm a little slow but feel like things are picking up. Off to do some watercolor painting. ciao for now.


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