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  • Stage 5

    I would enjoy meeting other kidney patients. I've been on dialysis for over a year and I'm in stage 5. All is going well.

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    Greetings from Minnesota. I am also stage 5 and have been on dialysis for 2 years. It is always good to meet other people who are I the same situation.


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      I am Judy from Iowa and I am in Stage 5. Have been on dialysis 4-1/2 years. Was Stage 5 CKD when I was diagnosed. Dialysis is going very well and I go three times a week for 3-1/2 hours each time. The only problem I have had recently is that my blood pressure drops during dialysis but am now taking medication to make my B/P rise a little during dialysis. I take one pill 30 minutes before I start dialysis and then another one midway through. This seems to help quite a bit.


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        I was just diagnosed as stage 5. I am so terrified. I don’t know what to do or ask my Dr. I am in the hospital right now and they say that they will be starting me on dialysis later this morning. I don’t know what to expect.


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          I'm sorry to read of your recent dx...I don't know anything really about dialysis as I'm in stage 4 ckd with a gfr of 30, as low as 23. I'd suggest you read in the section here at Davita of the many who are and have been in your position. The only thing I can offer is to ask your nephrologist to refer you to a renal dietitian, no doubt there is one available at your hospital. If you are able, obtain All your blood work, as in my own experience with a dietitian they use several tests to determine the level of protein you can's the protein, potassium and phosphorus and sodium that needs to be addressed. I've been told to eat more fruits and veggies...again those too need to be checked..some are better than others for your kidney. Also, find out how much liquid you can take in each day...I wish you well and please do keep posting and reading here for suggestions and support.

          I have read of people who have been able to come off such lady wrote this in the dx'd stage 3...I do hope this post will bring you some comfort and hope! The Mediterranean diet focused on less beef, more fruits and veggies.

          "07-02-2018, 02:01 PM Good for you! When I was diagnosed my creatinine was 5.3. I was told I’d be on dialysis within 3 months. Following the renal diet, eliminating high potassium and high phosphorus foods from my diet I stayed OFF dialysis for over 10 years! I am 83. It can be done!😃"

          Take Good Care, ml


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