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Just learned I have Stage 3 CKD

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  • Hi All!!!

    Another beautiful sunny day at 79 degrees...yesterday we got a high of 89! I'll take that any day. I continue to think about those who live in Louisiana and the hurricane...California with the earthquakes, and Florida too. Just a few states where good wishes for healing could be forwarded to.

    I found this site as something which I need to deal with...bone strength and love handles, belly fat. Both are very challenging to obtain and to loose as we get older...the silent symptoms of loss being in our 30's. Don't know about you guys, I had a Whole Lot of other stuff on my mind at that age and diet wasn't one of them, nor bone health!

    Another area of our health that needs to be focused on is our immune system, the fighting white cells to return us back to health or any type of healing.


    sorry if this is a repeat...shows that I didn't send.
    Not sure when my next post will be, dear son came down with pneumonia and me, well trying to take care of him and myself cause it's contagious...God knows I don't need to get sick again!! 9 days in hospital, 3 weeks out now and I sure as heck don't want to go back!!


    • Hi All!!

      Well never a dull marks the first day my dear son came down with pneumonia, in er on Monday with temp of Friday, I'm totally wiped out from lack of sleep and caring for him...3 weeks out of the hospital myself....Monday will be a month.

      Lord Above, then the weather today heat wave in CT is unreal, I'm just sitting here and the sweat is just running off me. Remember Remember "Huge" Remember when you sweat, drink and drink...even some Gatorade to keep your electrolytes up and keep hydrated. It was 90 degrees today with humidity at 84% that is the killer. I went outside and just hosed myself off...didn't even have enough energy to go to the beach....showers just don't do the 'it' that the hose does

      So I've no info really to post, just stopping by to blah blah blah and hoping you are all doing well, keeping hydrated and have Happy Kidneys!!!

      Take Good Care, ml


      • Hi All!!

        Wow 7 days since I last posted!! Seems like forever to head is just spinning with all that has taken place. As I mentioned above, my son's pneumonia, well now he is in hospital with VTE, 3 clots in legs and lung...I'm out of my mind...doesn't take much to get me to that place! He is doing a bit better, the fear factor as a Mom Is Huge!

        Since I've been going and going, I've recently noticed I've felt light headed and last night I was experiencing leg cramps...guess what, the number 1 issue to keep our kidney's happy is: Hydration!!

        Are you now, or have you ever experienced any of these symptoms... or these symptoms ?

        A bit on the gross side, however another indication of dehydration...Even If You Are Getting Enough Fluids!

        Well this is what I'm experiencing now, so I'm going to be heading out to the local medical center for fluids...ya just got to be aware that summer time, sweating, not getting enough water or electrolytes is a huge factor in kidney health! Right up there is what you eat, low protein, complex carbs and fruits and veggies. The link below is a full search of low protein food diet.

        Take Good Care!! ml
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        • Hi All!!

          Update… I said when I got leg cramps that was my signal I needed fluids...well I was Unfortunately Right! My gfr was down to 24 and my creatinine was a to 2.0...not cool and a Huge decline from 31% gfr function and 1.60 5 weeks ago leaving the hospital. I'm anemia as well...guess I have my work to get healthy cut out for me.

          Now the way I figured what happened is this: Number One Rule for a Happy Kidney is to Do Self Care First! Ya it's a hard way to travel for sure, given woman and Mom's have the instinctual 'give' before they give to themselves. Today I spent the day "just for me" trying to bring some sanity back to my life and home.

          The next area I was not focused on was Hydration and My Kidney Diet....I know better, the medical issues of my son took my brain away, my energy away and my health not cool. Well I'm going gung ho and no matter how tired I am, eat drink!

          The next...Stress! I was very surprised to find out that low red blood cells, hemoglobin are effected by along with focus on diet, I listened to some medications today and took a Nap...never do that during the day.

          After doing some more looking at my blood work I noticed that my albumin level is on the low side, so I looked up how to increase.

          Beautiful Sunny Day!!...those poor people in CA and AZ temps up and over 100 degrees, so I'm not complaining...not one little bit!

          Take good care, ml
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          • Hi All!!

            Total wipe out today..pure exhaustion. Dear son is now in nursing home/rehab after nearly 6hrs of hospital stay/discharge...

            Of late as I posted, I got leg cramps which is a sign of electrolyte imbalance so off to er for fluids. While there, I got all my blood info...every visit I get blood drawn or dr apt, I get my lab work to keep on top of my health.No one mentioned that my red blood cells (rbc) were low, hemoglobin and hematocrit...

            I'm anemic!!! Was I told this? NO. So on the phone today with pcp, seeing her next week to see how my numbers are...this is a site that gives examples of dehydration, a couple I'd never heard of...another blood test is urine..'the color' mine is clear, I always thought clear meant 'hydrated' Nope! clear means that your kidney is not detoxing the here's the link

            Hoping ya all are doing better than me tonight!!

            Take good care, ml


            • Hi All!

              I'm happy to write I'm more or less on a level ground today compared to yesterday! Dear Son is in rehab, has a private room, window facing woods. He has his beloved computer so he is as happy as a pig going through a hug veggie garbage pile of scraps!

              Me, well I thought I'd share my new morning drink, I'll do my best to write down protein, and other important stuff...again this is my own stupid silly recipe, tasted ok to me, and hope the taste will do the same for you! Two fruits, yogurt for probiotics and protein, chia seed blend, fiber, sunny d, 100% Vt C.

              First I use a Magic Bullet blender...

              In the 16 oz container I put in 1/2 cup blueberry, 1/2 cup applesauce, 4oz of Dannon yogurt(comes in 4pk I get it from the dollar store) 2 table spoons of organic milled flax and chia seed blend, about a 1/2 cup of Sunny D, and 1/2 cup of purified electrolyte ph 9.5 water...comes in a 50oz bottle again from dollar store.

              I purchased a bag for a buck with 28 9oz plastic glasses to pour smoothie mixture into, making two at a time, then pop them all into the freezer. So now I'm drinking one, have one in ref for tomorrow and 6 frozen ones to pop into the fridge at night to drink the next day.

              This is something I did after my cancer surgery, sadly, I've gone lax and I'm paying the price. The reason I added the Alkaline water with electrolytes is the heat factor, the clear color of my urine, and psychologically thinking my electrolytes are more balance makes me feel better...reduce my anxiety and stress levels...need all the help I can get in those two areas!

              I guess what I'm trying to achieve is if drinking 'plain water' is as good for me, as drinking smoothie (18oz), 1/2 and 1/2 sunny d with water (20oz) plain water 20oz which brings me up to 58oz per day, at 112, that's half my body weight...then there are the veggies which add in more fluids.

              Here is the break down~~~Please be sure to check out what Your Specific Diet Allows!

              4oz protein, 60mg sodium mg, and 180 potassium mg....per my renal dietitian I'm able to have up to 1000mg of potassium per day...
              Apple Sauce:
              Protein 0, sodium 15mg, fiber 2g (a lot of sugar, I bought organic so none added 21g
              Flax/chia seeds mix: info for '2' table spoon,
              sodium 0mg, potassium 100mg, fiber 8g, protein 4g
              Sunny D: I used this because it has So Much Less sugar than orange juice, plus much less expensive and good nutritional values
              sodium 160mg, sugar 14g, protein 0, Vitamin C 100% Thiamin 15%

              Then I have an 18 oz container, I put about 5 ice cubes in, and then fill the rest to top with the alka water.

              As a side, I bought some crackers that have 3g of protein, fiber 1g, and iron 4% in a half cup serving...the sodium level is high at 310mg so I'll watch my sodium intake for the rest of the day. The dollar store also had 6pk of raisins, sodium 0mg, protein 1g Iron, 4%, and fiber 2g.

              Hope you'll try and have a happy kidney and happy tummy too! So much easier for me to drink my fruits in the am!!!

              Take Good Care, ml
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              • Hi All!!

                Well, I've had Quite The Challenging couple of days!!! Dear son came out of the hospital and is now in a nursing home/rehab facility. We 'got into to it' and that was not pretty, however we've now got to the point of OK, for the time long as I don't say anything to bug him. Trying my best, as the stress is No Good For Me!!

                Today I've reached the Young age of 66, and just puttering and doing whatever I want to do. Among the challenges with dear son, I've come to the conclusion that fear and control on my part because I want him 'safe' are at the base many of our conflicts.

                Then I thought about my own life, how the tick bite has created a fear and taken control over people, places and things that I once did, but I'm afraid to do 'just incase' another tick bite.

                So today I said No More as far as my son's life is concerned and No More to ticks. I just went Wild in my flower gardens with the weed wacker front and back yard gardens and wow, sure did feel good! Yes, I did have long pants and knee highs on, and some tick repellant ...I pushed past my fear and what a gift to me!! Not to mention every time I look out my windows, my stress will be reduced.

                On topic, making our kidney happy. Well no matter how much water I drink I just can't keep hydrated. I'm up and down like a yo yo all night long in you know where!! so I'm not getting good sleep. A continuing source of frustration for me, and not good for my happy kidney. I've written before, if number 2 doesn't happen, then the body is pulling fluids from their to your body...dehydration.

                Since coming out of hospital, at gfr 31, then going down to 24, I've been hell bent to get my numbers back up and total War by eating, drinking, resting, meditation, and anything else I can think of to raise the numbers. I'll find out on Monday how I'm doing cause I have an apt with my pcp, and Wednesday an apt with my nephrologist.

                Since drinking water is a problem for me, I thought I'd do some poking around to find an answer to how to rehydrate without water.

                No To Caffeine, tea, soda, or foods as they are all diuretics ..even lemons!!.
                Coffee according to the link ok, other stuff I've read, it's a no no...some of the things listed are no no's for our happy kidney.


                Well I did make a smoothie and here's what I made, in a 16 oz container all fruits and veggies below, and water just to 'cover' then blended. Yuk! it did not taste good, so I added a table spoon of organic honey, still didn't work for me...the strawberry were very sour and I didn't want to use sugar, so I used about a 1/4 of the smoothie mixture I made, recipe above in a post, and that made everything work...I drank some, then added ice cubes, and that made everything go down ok.
                1 cup strawberry
                1/4 cup of blue berry
                1 stalk, about 10" of celery
                a baby cuke about 4" or 1/2 cup

                This link has hydrating veggies...personally I can't do veggie smoothie. I can't take eating raw spinach either, so I mix it with a salad, I do broccoli too in my salad with some oil and vinegar dressing...everything but the kitchen sick goes into a salad


                Sipping away now, will return to a shaded part of my yard and enjoy the day...hope yours's is going well too!!

                Take care, ml


                • Hi All!!

                  My day yesterday was wonderful, couldn't have asked for more! I pushed past my fear, said bite the bullet and Got Into My Gardens!
                  Oh did working feel good, also looking out my windows and not seeing the 3' tall weeds blowing in the wind sure did feel great too!!

                  After a sleepless night, I'm feeling some anxiety about tomorrow seeing my pcp...I'll get my nephrologist's blood work results. And the ones she ordered for me... 8 tubes in all! The last tests I had showed a BUN level of 25 not cool. Today I'm really feeling the heat, my stomach from all fluids/veggies/fruits is really distended...glad I'm going to dr tomorrow! I've got to figure out how to stay hydrated...I know I'm not now from doing skin

                  I came across this website that describes with BUN is and how to lower it. another area I need to address, all will be determined based on current numbers. I'm seriously thinking of seeing my Urologist because of the up and down of my kidney function...I see him once a year, and that isn't until December.

                  My son is not doing much either, no PT or OT least he has airconditioning ! I've got all my windows open for the nights cooler air and the fans blasting on full...hope where ever you are living, you are comfortable.

                  Please keep in your thoughts Texas and Ohio...and the Kennedy's..

                  Take Good Care, ml


                  • Hi All!!!

                    Well Once Again, the Mighty Happy Kidney rises to the occasion of Renal Diet and Good Hydration!!! Two weeks ago I went to ER for IV gfr was at 24%, prior to hydration. Previously at a hospital stay, my kidney function went down to 17% due to dehydration.with only one kidney, I was scared *hitless!!

                    Exiting the hospital, I was back up to 31% and Yesterday I got the results of sticking to my renal diet like scotch tape...32%!!!! Haaaahoooieeee!! This is why I keep harping on staying hydrated, Kidney Function Can Increase!!

                    I found this site that gives some really good explanation of CKD and the symptoms. Sometimes we feel so badly, yet to the outside world 'we look just fine' and family, friends, and others just don't get the 'it' of why we can't function. Perhaps showing this article to a loved one or friend, they might be more understanding of your illness.

                    Haven't a clue why I can't get the underline 'gone'...tried and didn't copy and paste

                    Unfortunately, my anemia has increased in number due to the lack of red blood is a link of how to increase hemoglobin and hemocrat levels.

           els&oq=how+to+raise+hemocrat&aqs=chrome.3.69i57j0l 5.15477j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

                    I just Love Love this article!!! I'm trying really hard to start living my life in a way to best support mind, body and soul. Some days I find when I'm really anxious, I now have methods to calm myself down. I guess you could say I've made a "Tool Box" of different ways to feel better. Sometimes, I need a bit of help to 'remember' what feels good.

                    This is a listing of different tests that your nephrologist or a pcp can order to detect or determine the level of kidney function.

                    It's a pretty funky day here in CT, humid big time and cloudy. Not sure if rain is on it's way...sure would be a Great Thing to happen...been awhile!! So I'm going to chill out, feeling kind of tired after a 'full day' of running around yesterday...another 'Tool Box' is to reduce what bothers it's my bedroom...needs some clean up and de-cluttering!

                    Hoping you'll have a Wonderful Day!!!

                    Take care, ml

                    List of cereals with high iron content. Do look for potassium, sodium, phosphorous levels.

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                    • Hi All!!!

                      Ah Yes, I've been a run away blogger! In these lagging days of summer, quite frankly I've not had Much Summer. Sadly illness took over towards the end of June for me, then the end of July for my dear son.

                      Fear took hold of my heart and body and I kind of when full stop, moving on robotic legs due to exhaustion and worry. My son just came out of rehab the other day, still has all three blood clots, lung and in each leg, but I am Praying Huge that he will 'make himself follow medical advice and Move"!

                      So much of my life challenges are really learning lessons from when I screw up and now to find new strategies to change/shift my sails into a more positive direction. I found my way to Davita and this forum just over a year ago....amazing how quickly time passes, yet the days can be 'eternal'...especially when stressed out or not feeling well.

                      While my son was ill, one week in hospital, 3 weeks in rehab, I tore his room apart from ceiling to floor...yes I admit I'm a helicopter mother, on the other side of the coin I made some Huge Shifts in my relationship with him moving forward...just have to because of my own 'lack of health'. The cleaning of his room is My Last Ditch attempt to help him, in what might be viewed as enabling behavior or controlling behavior, as he is 23, with the aspergers he is challenged but he Is Not Stupid. So I did the cleaning as a form of 'give this kid the best start he can get' by giving him a clean living area. What he does, or doesn't do is 'his choice'...I've done my best.

                      So often, at least from my own life, being codependent and female I put others needs ahead of my own...and I've gotten myself really sick from that behavior on a couple of occasions ~~ to the point of physical illness taking me down, then kidney illness decline....I'd just like to offer as I've been doing considerable reflection of how I want my next year to play out...I just turned 66. Physically at the moment, I know I'm dehydrated due to being ill twice in the week, I'm not sleeping, and my stress level is through the roof.

                      So what's an ole stressed out lady to do???

                      First and foremost, find a way to reduce inner stress is caused by my health and My "outer stresses" are the inside of my house and the outside of my house. The last and probably the most problematic for me is 'social stress'. I prefer animals over people....don't get me wrong I'm a friendly person, just Very Challenged to get out of my house to socialize with other people. Then, as always there is my Dear Angel With Horns Son.

                      While my son was in rehab, and I started the Insanity of cleaning his room, a total of 15 hrs or so to completion. I thought to myself, If I can do this for him, then why the heck can't/won't I do this for myself? Below is my journal from yesterday...a good practice for me for a couple of reasons...mostly when I write I can see more clearly. Part of a note I wrote to my son.
                      Too Overwhelming?
                      Don't know where to start?
                      My body hurts too much?
                      Too Tired?
                      Just don't feel like it?
                      Too lazy I'd rather sleep or go on computer?
                      Your'e not the only one My Love who has a hard time 'making' /'putting in the effort and time'
                      To Do What Is Right! Me Too!
                      Any of those ~~"Reasons"~~ to not do something Ring any Bells or Whistles for you???

                      When I write 'Reasons' I say to myself, hummmm, how can I Not Hold Myself Accountable For My Own Actions!!
                      Honey, Life is all about Choices...easy, hard, fun, pretty, ugly, beautiful, happy, sad are just a few of the outcome of choices...
                      When I "DO" what I know needs to be done, I get Theeeeee Best Outcome!
                      A feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.
                      One Less 'IT"' problem
                      I Reduce My Stress Level, Increase my physical health
                      Find Peace Of Mind!!!!!
                      If the happies are not enough
                      I get more energy and motivation to do more cause.....~~~ I Feel Good~~~....

                      So I got a Double Blessing by cleaning your room, Thank eyes were opened!.
                      First and most important to me was you have a Fresh Start in a clean room as you started Your Fresh Start on and New and Healthier Lifestyle.
                      Next, by seeing what I was capable of doing, no doing your room was Not Easy!!, nor will cleaning out my house be easy. So how am I going to accomplish the Overwhelming Task Of Cleaning Out, what to keep, throw away or give away...same as I did in your room.

                      ***To the best of my ability, which started yesterday, I'm rising to the occasion of facing my fears, making calls to get home repairs estimated and fixed, and the daunting task of the outside Jungle that has been growing full speed since my tick bit, resulting in a 9day hospital stay.
                      In My House, I know the job needs to be done: Motivating factor MY HEATH
                      and a desired goal of next Spring (Time Frame) to have the house ready to be sold and move into a Condo....

                      Now if I sell the house or if I stay in the house, the Same will happen Again and Again
                      Whenever I put the effort into doing the "IT"

                      When I "DO" what I know needs to be done
                      I get Theeeeee Best Outcome!

                      A feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.
                      I reduce the 'it' problem
                      I Reduce My Stress Level
                      Peace Of Mind!!!!!

                      If the happies are not enough
                      I get more energy and motivation to do more cause.....
                      ~~~ I Feel Good~~~....

                      I do hope any who read this note will find within themselves a desire to be kind to them selves by letting go of stress related '''stuff''' in your home and find a more calm and peaceful way of living.

                      Take Good Care! ml


                      • Hi All!!

                        Well Fall has hit the air fast these last couple of nights...blanket on the bed...sadly, sleep is still a Huge Challenge. Getting ready to hunker down for the cold winter months....not looking forward to them At All. One thing that I will have to look forward to is a new sitting room upstairs for my computer and a new sewing area in the other room upstairs for my crafts...the added bonus is Warm!!!

                        Taking advantage of the sun's warmth, I'm hard at work in my front and back yard gardens, getting ready to put them to bed for the season. Because of my health and my son's health, both went to Huge Weed Growth over two months, so there is much to be done! Little bit at a time in front and back...front is coming along faster. Lots of shrub cutting down along the side yard and some trees need to be cut Way Back...going to save my pennies for someone to do that hard labor work. I've got someone coming to fix a spot in my roof, est on house washing and a new garage door coming in before gets too cold. Lots of Projects!!! Outside with the sun, inside with the rain! Got To Keep Moving!

                        So as we move into the cooler weather my favorite time of 'food' is Soup! Being on a veggie diet for the most part, soup is one of the Easiest Yummy Tummy meals and Anything but the kitchen sink can get thrown in! Just got to watch out for the potassium and phosphorus levels in the veggies as some are on the high side. Here is a basic recipe for cream based soup

                        I haven't had rice in a while, so tonight I made brown rice with chicken broth, couple of cut up celery stalks and medium onion...pulled out one of my precooked chicken portions...frozen, cooked the rice, steamed the chicken until defrosted dinner in one pot! One dish...easy clean up tonight I'll buy a package of chicken strips, soak in any type of salad dressing for a day, then saute and freeze...this can be done with any type of meat, or fish. I find that by the end of the day I'm so tired, even in the morning I'm tired! but having pre-made foods helps a lot. I'll also buy a dozen eggs and boil them (cover eggs completely with water...tap...bring to boil, turn off heat and set timer for 10 minutes, then rinse, add ice cubes until cold...I let them sit with ice cubes) eat them as snack, salad in sandwich or mac and egg salad always packed with chopped veggies.

                        I spoke with a friend of mine,who has through diet lost a huge amount of weight and is No Longer Diabetic!! So Proud Of Her!!
                        Same goes with CKD, with the right amount of protein and keeping hydrated our kidney's will be doing the Happy Dance
                        You Can Reverse a decreased Kidney Function and Increase Your GFR!!!

                        Take Care, ml


                        • Hi All!!!

                 fast the summer has gone and now the cool weather of fall is upon me in CT. Not really liking that change of seasons, but do love the cooler weather from heat and humidity of summer months! Next year I'll be getting myself an air conditioner! I've never used one in my 66 years...but this past summer was really bad!

                          So now that we are reaching into fall and winter, it's coming into the flu season...Personally I've chosen not to get flu shots because "they make me sicker" than if I do get sick...luckily I've not had the flu for Years. How? I make sure to keep my hands washed, away from my mouth and after I've been in a public place...especially the library on computers is a germ factory...again hand washing or the anti bacterial wash.

                          The road less traveled, but my way is to get good sleep and eat well, lets not forget the vital water every day too~


                          Then another area is the change of season where one tends to be less active. This can be really hard on the sitting down, not getting fresh air, and the 'blues'. Here are some ways for a happier life.

                          This is an article about symptoms of kidney disease, thought I'd post this as there is a little check off list at the bottom...might be a prompter for questions ask your nephrologist.

                          Take Good Care! ml


                          • Hello All From Sunny CT

                            Oh how I love the sun shining...wish I could keep it as warm as it feels on my face. I spent a Huge amount of time today outside...until my neighbor started to play his guitar...didn't have the heart to continue with hedge trimmer. I've made good progress in my Over Flowing 50' + garden in the back yard that just went to hell in a hand basket when I got the tick bite. I'm still covered head to toe and repellent...still a bit scared, though I'm in much better physical health. Front garden is almost finished...small section of weeds to pull and 4 bags of mulch to put down and rake.

                            So what's this all got to do with ckd...well, the illness can bring on being depressed...geee I wonder why with all these possible symptoms!!
                            In my mind the best way to combat many of the symptoms is to Move...just plain Move.

                            Move a muscle and change a with the onset of winter, I'm getting my ideas for the cold months. My dear son, with the blood clots in his legs is lesson enough for me to Get Up at least once an hour and just walk about the walking 30 minutes a day will offset So Many Health motivation, no energy...well it's for me all about 'move a muscle and change a thought. I'm So Bad...very easy to get lost on computer, reading a book I do have to Move, and once I've Moved, then I can get going more easily. I'm lucky in that my town has a senior center, plus high school has a pool...just need to get myself there and Huge Make The Commitment! I also live in a small neighborhood so there is Really No Excuse....naughty of my neighbors is 90, knee replacements, heart attack are just two health issues...she Walks 2 Miles A Day in the neighborhood!

                            So how to get motivated?

                            Walk every day:
                   vated+to+walk+everyday&oq=how+to+get+motivated+to+ walk&gs_l=psy-ab.1.4.0l4j0i22i30l4.32421.32858..38325...0.2..0.1 04.356.3j1......0....1..gws-wiz.......0i71.qA2Q_eLCct8

                            This is my Huge Huge To Do. I really want to get rid of most every thing in my house...I've even thought of hiring someone to come in and do an estate sale, this task of trying to fix the house, clean out 20+ years of living in the house and doing repairs to the house, well lets just say I'm feeling Very Overwhelmed! So here' an answer...again, move a muscle and change a thought!


                            I'm tiny, 5'1" and my muscles are non existant...however, got to try!

                            Take care, ml


                            • Hi All!! Between the full moon and the full sunshine not sure when it's day or night...yup my head is a bit out of whack...I've now got the possibility of a ''second'' identify theft hanging over my head, my credit card company called and said 'suspicious activity'. I'd offer to you what I've done, changed all my id, passwords and put a freeze on all my credit cards...quite easy to do. Weird how just doing 'something' has helped me to maintain my sanity...this all took place Friday, of course after business hours...ugh! So I've not been in the best of shape all weekend. I find when I'm not sleeping and I'm scared everything in my life seems to just spiral downward. I trying today to climb out of the 'fear, depression hole' of becoming overwhelmed~~one day at a time I guess. Last night, and the night before I was serenaded by a "Cricket". One sounded like it was right next to my bed, the other sounded like my alarm clock going off in the morning!

                              For sleeping, after a day of fluids I was getting up several times a night which doesn't make for a good night of sleep...,my problem, hamster wheel in my head prevent me from going to sleep, then waking, getting back to sleep. So being serenaded by the crickets, I found this on utube and it seemed to help more than music, much less 'invasive' wondering what sound might come next ...plain ole white noise

                              Another issue has cropped up for me, anemia and the resulting hair loss...quite bad and really emotionally worrying me A's the 'visual' I keep seeing Everywhere. So I thought I'm not supposed to eat all protein in one shot, little bit spread out between 3 meals, 2 snacks...well, to be honest I've been blowing my diet due to stress, and I've been here before...time to give the ole proverbial boot in the one can make me move, eat right, or drink fluids...I'm responsible for my own health. So I went digging around to find what veggies and fruits have the most protein, as I'm not into red meats so much, and I'm really tired of chicken, fish.

                              Here is a list with pictures of 20 veggies and the quantity to eat and the protein level. My concern is how much potassium and phosphorus is in the listed veggies. So here is another site listing the highest potassium and phosphorus veggies...this is a full page web search. oq=highest+potassium+and+phosphorus+veggies&aqs=ch rome..69i57j33.5287j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
                              Kidney Dialysis Food Lists:

                              Well, that's all for today folks hope you'll be enjoying your Sunday, warm and sunny !! Me, well I have a 'date' with my house to clean and wash dishes...there is the down side of living alone and not much energy...I'm on my third cup of coffee, I took a pill last night and Finally Slept....feeling better today yet very groggy and thick headed...the 'thick headed' is not a stranger to me, nor pig headed either!! Stubborn and resilience are needed cause get'n ole ain't for sissies!!!

                              Take good care, ml


                              • Hi All!!

                                Welcome to "Fall"... I love the colors, yet not wanting the cold to come!!! Lots has been happening since my last post....I now have a fixed roof, new garage door And Amen!!! my identity fraud case is Over!!! Amen Again!!! Working hard to get gardens all cleared out, everything cut back from next to house as I'll be having my house washed next week. This past summer has been very hard mentally and physically for me and I'm definitely feeling much less energy and motivation.

                                I think I wrote that my hair is falling out like rain drops from the sky...I'm not sure if it's kidney related or my thyroid...anyway, because my head sometimes doesn't remember calculated protein I've taken in a day I've got a new way to help me. I know I'm anemic, red blood cell count is what I am doing now is keeping a pad of paper on my stove (I live alone, best place for it) and I write down every protein I eat and it's gram level so I know I'm getting in my 40g a day. The added benefit is I'm more 'aware" of what I'm eating which is also helping me to eat a more healthful diet. I have three plastic bp? free containers I use for water, 20 and (2) 24 oz so I know when all three are empty I've taken in all my fluids in a day.

                                To help with the 'night time trips' and my stomach, I've learned in order for all foods to be processed 4-5 hrs and an empty stomach helps with a better sleep.This is a full web page about digestion.

                       +processed+in+the+stomach&oq=how+many+hours+does+i t+take+for+food+to+be+processed+in+the+stomach&aqs =chrome..69i57.44019j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

                                This page is about how to 'get to sleep' with a little help from your stomach. I did find some melatonin spray, sadly it upsets my stomach...I found it at a health food store. So back to the drawing board for ideas....the No Fluid Rule for me anyway, is stop drinking before 8pm. I try to hit the sack before midnight and usually make it to around 3-4am before getting up again for br.

                                Along with body stuff to help me feel better, well the other Big Issue with me is Isolation in the winter. I have bipolar depression and what I've found is that I can go for days without talking to anyone or seeing anyone...Not Cool. So I've joined a 'meet up' group around health...this thursday is the first meeting...eating for energy. It's a Big Move for me cause I'm not that social. I also joined another group of like minded people who are dealing with challenging family members....And....a monthly book club. For years I've been a member on, it's an online support group of have it there is probably a support group for the 'it'....along with lots of community *people run* groups as well. This is my community room...I just post what I want to accomplish each day...

                                Well that's all for today...I do hope you are all doing well and giving yourself ""happy kidneys""!!!

                                Take care, ml


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