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Just learned I have Stage 3 CKD

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  • Hi All!!

    Well spring has sprung, and along with spring comes pollen and allergies. Here are a few ways to help your kidney by Not Using Medication.
    If I'm Really clogged up, I'll use warm steam and breath in through my nose, helps to loosen things up so I can blow my nose and clear it.

    A "netty pot" is a way you can de-clog naturally. p;qs=LS&cvid=4102578897a44f6098db47c6184f85b4& amp;cc=US&setlang=en-US&plvar=0

    This link gives instructions how to use a Netty Pot.
    7 home rremidies that are natural to combat sinus issues.
    Color chart of mucus....kind of gross ..

    Of Course!! Fluids!!

    Hoping where ever you are, the temps are warming and sun is bright!

    Take Good Care,ml


    • Hi All!!

      Hope your weekend plays all turn out the way you'd like!!
      Me, well I'll be having my Angel with Horns over to Inhale Easter Dinner! As he is going on 23, still wants 'Easter Chocolates' I still have his "Easter Basket" which was given to me by my Dear Brother who passed in 2006 of flowers when John was born. So anyway, I hide the eggs all over the living and some laughs

      A simple meal, and a relaxing day. This whole site is geared towards food with Lots of ideas for Easter Dinner or a Special Sunday Dinner =04202019

      I've been going All Out in the Big Garden and Cleaning like crazy in the back yard. Lots to complete before the end of May. My hope is to have All done beginning/ mid May and start to planting veggies and flowers from seed, I'll have a few 'store bought' veggie plants to start with.

      One of the things that have been hanging around my back yard for Years are cement blocks..the kind with two square holes. They have now found there progress... to a cleared spot of grass/weeds under my porch slider door to plant 'in pots' a sort of raised bed place to plant herb.

      Its a funny day outside, clouds, rain and in between breaks of dry so just to get outside for a bit, I'm off now until the rain starts up again!!

      Take Good Care, ml


      • Hi All!!
        Wow, I guess I've been MIA longer than I thought!!! With spring I kind of go wild...lots of energy...then one day it stops and I go down, no motivation along with depression. Right now I'm trying to fight my way easy. The weather in CT has been up and down like a roller coaster which doesn't help much either...too many clouds, rain and cold.

        Enough grousing!! My gardens are coming along, as are my front and back yard of all the projects...still many more to come. Inside my house I'm still in need of dealing upstairs, porch and garage.

        My son, Bless him as helped me a bit more lately and is coming over almost every week at some point. I've learned to ask for help, not just help...only for the things I really can't do, or not do because of strength or safety...he gets that.

        So a quick update on my ...Hope... Happy Kidney!! Over the weekend I did a 24hr urine not fun...anywho, along with that yesterday all the blood tests. I'll be seeing my New nephrologist on Thursday. I really am hoping for a higher gfr level with change in diet and protein intake.

        For those of you who might have kidney stones, a homeopathic remedy is lemon juice, here is a recipe.

        Spring time makes for more walking exercise and are a few things to keep in mind.

        This link is an over all description of different methods of treatment of kidney disease, a good info introduction to new kidney patients. I would offer the Best Treatment is to be proactive with YOUR health seeking out a renal dietitian and reading as much info per your specific level. You Can Improve your kidney function and increase your gfr!!! I've done it!! Through diet, sleep, reducing stress and exercise...of course keeping hydrated is the Number 1 most important action you can take.

        I wish anyone who passes by to find their own methods for a Happy Kidney!! Pleases do ask any questions, I'll do my best to answer. I'm no doctor, I had cancer and one kidney was removed so I'm totally motivated to keeping my remaining kidney Happy

        Have a Great Day...take care, ml


        • Hi All!

          Well my day is tomorrow at 8am, I'll find out my new gfr number! Kind of scared, seeing a new nephrologist and just hoping for the best.

          A gal mentioned a problem with red blood count due to ckd. This is a full page of info...the next link (a pain cause of popup) also has a more in-depth explanation.

          This next link speaks to kidney failure and taking an iron pill, and talks about EPO.

          EPO, in turn, can also worsen kidney failure patients’ condition, because lack of red blood cells leads to less blood and oxygen transported into the kidneys and then more than more kidney cells lose their ability to work gradually.

          Hope this info if you are feeling tired a lot!!

          Take good care, ml


          • Hi All!!

            A really Beautiful and sunny day here in CT...up to the mid 60's...cant wait for next week, we are supposed to have temps in the 70's!! Ya Ya…
            Today I did get my test results...not as good as I'l hoped for, but not too bad either, gfr went down two pts to 30 and creatinine went up from 160 to 170. Good news protein in my urine

            A doctor friend of mine was talking to me about another friend who just had a cancer tumor, breast cancer, stage 2 removed. He said that so many people """"during cancer treatment with chemo""" start to do homeopathic treatments too for their health and to reduce cancer...he said this is a no no cause it inhibits the cancer cell killing by chemo...just something to talk to your doctor about should you have a kidney cancer dx.

            Kidney Cancer: Chemotherapy

            I came across this info looking into chemotherapy for MS and Blood disorders. I was very Blessed to not go the chemotherapy way when I had kidney cancer....just passing on this info for anyone who has been dx'd.

            Immunotherapy It is a scientific and systemic treatment consisting of 6 steps---
            Immune diagnosis can make clear the amount, type and location of immune complexes in the kidney so as to know where the renal lesions are and the severity of renal damages. It is not only the conventional tests and examinations but also include advanced immune diagnostic methods.
            Immune clearance is to remove immune complexes in the blood so as to purify the blood stream and provide favorable internal environment for following medicines and treatments to take effects.
            Immune blocking and immune tolerance is to suppress inflammations in the kidneys and prevent further renal damages.
            Immune regulation and immune protection is to repair renal damages and improve kidney functions, regulating immune disorder and enhancing immunity.

            Well I'm off now to plant 8 veggie's, and dig out More Weeds!! Hope you'll have a wonderful day, and Please do something kind for yourself

            Take Good Care, ml


            • Hi All!!

              Another day of sun...oh so happy and warmer weather on the way for Saturday...only yuk part...mowing the front and back yard...ugh. Spent about 3hrs outside today with all gardening tools, knee pad and Shovels...almost done with front garden...Ya!!

              Homedepot had a sale on mulch, 5/10.00 so got 5 more bags and will be adding to front garden to keep weeds down...easier to pull out too. I picked up some veggies to plant...funny bell pepper that is 'purple'..and a 'Japanese' eggplant. These 8 plants are my 'cheat' veggies, I've got seeds to start as well, veggies and flowers.

              Today with my nephrologist, as I wrote my gfr I lost 2 pts so down to 30. I found this gal, a doctor who gives clear info about 'how' to make smoothies with specific amounts. She is kind of wordy, what I like is how she explains the 'why' of what the foods do and how they help with your health.

              This below link is for her breakfast veggie, well I'd add the Whole Banana, I just find veggie smoothies a bit hard on the taste buds. In addition, I'd add a pear too, so that would be 3 fruits and 3 veggies.

              Got Food Cravings...ya don't have to subscribe for her news letter

              This link is for all her videos

              Hope you'll enjoy!!

              Take Good Care of you and make your kidney smile.

              Have a Great Weekend ml


              • Hi All!!

                I was going to post on Monday, but I thought since my experience with dehydration has been so severe lately due to being I sit and type right now. Last night I experienced the 'chills' part of dehydration. The experience was not fun. So here is a link to explain more about the effects of loss of body fluid. I also read that the body takes


                Ya I know I'm a pain in the butt with diet...and Fluids,, especially now with summer right around the corner! … just that to keep our kidney happy fluids are number one on the health list, and then protein level intake based on gfr.

                Here's a little quiz, I missed question, #5.

                It's a sunny day, almost 60, I'm so jealous I've got a friend in AZ and their temp is 80...but I'll still take CT, sure don't want to be dealing with their "in the hundreds" temps!!! Going to be a low laying day with maybe some puttering..Definitely laying low to get my body back into balance.

                Wishing you all a Wonderful Weekend!!!.ml


                • Hi All!!

                  A beautiful day in CT but I'm in pj's and no energy at 3:35pm, no appetite or a desire to move Period! I can only speak to myself, but I get really mad and frustrated with what I can and can't do...even though there are explanations. Then I tend to go towards the ""should"" and Beat Myself Up phase where all those "lovely' negative self-descriptive names come out to continue the cycle of negativity.

                  Still feeling like you know what, drinking to try and rehydrate hoping to get back some energy. Then a duh thought popped into my head, am I still dehydrated even though my urine is clear and light color...well guess what! Nope!! Here's a full page of info that knocks my socks off, along with question #5, how much liquid does your body excrete in a day? 10cups.

                  So then I typed in a question of food vs. fluids for hydration and came up with this info...

                  So now going onward to 4pm, the least I can do is shower, dress and go outside and sit...somedays I really hate my computer...other days it's a wonderful thing!

                  Onward and upward out of my comphy chair

                  Best To You! ml


                  • Good Morning All!!

                    Hoping your day has started well! Me, I'm feeling much better today, amazing what 6hrs of no getting up in the middle of the night sleep can do for you. Yesterday was the Pits! I literally did Nothing until around 4pm. Just pushed fluids little sips at a time, pedilte, mashed potatoes, boiled eggs and a couple of baby bagels. Oh how I missed my potatoes, but when replenishing minerals...potassium is in potatoes so I say Yes! My brain went into thinking gear and I looked up "digestion of food" wondering how long it takes to breakdown in the stomach...this is a full page search...lots of info on what to eat, what is good or bad for stomachs and how to help "period" your body by what you put into question was how long does an eggs take to digest?

                    I was watching a Racel Ray cooking show...Lordy does she make Huge Proportions of food! bet my whole allowance of protein for the day would be less than what she makes for one meal serving. Anywho she brought a tip that I think is good for not wasting veggies. She said prepare them all when you first get home, makes it easier to grab and use. Then! for your smoothie veggies and fruits....cut them up and freeze them then they don't spoil!! I'm ashamed to say I've spent so much money and wasted only saving grace is that I have a compost bin that the veggies can go into. At the moment my freezer is full of veggies that no doubt are on the freeze dried side...a project for Tuesday which is clean kitchen/fridge of scientific experiments day.

                    Yesterdays sun continues today with a few more clouds, and lower temperature but not so cold that I'm not getting out to finish mowing the back's going to be a jungle...grass is just growing crazy fast. Then I'm gifting myself a shopping spree at Lowes that has Lots of perennials on sale!

                    Hoping your day will be a good one...and also hoping you too will gift yourself with something fun!!

                    Take good care, ml


                    • Hi All!!

                      Ah what a Glorious Day!! I was Blessed to get 6 hrs of uninterrupted sleep Yaaaa!! How, I don't drink Any Fluids after 8pm and I'm usually up until 11pm ish. I hit the floor and into cloths and out the door by 8:30. It's now 8:40pm and I'm so ready for a shower and bed!

                      I went to one of my four favorite stores today, OSJL and got some organic plant furtilzer soil, another sweet red bell pepper plant, seed pods, and a few other things .. I didn't really need! Then off to the Dollar store and stocked up on frozen veggies, and got some canned fruits and a Whole Lot of other stuff for around the house and outside.

                      Back home laundry and a big cook of fish to be proportioned in to meals so I don't have to cook every night...just defrost, make a salad and I'm good to go! Now I have bipolar depression so sometimes I don't eat the right foods, so this is a link to help with depression, plus the recipies look really good and quick to put together kind of food!!


                      I've probably posted this at one time or another, but it's an anti inflammatory diet for CKD.

                      Back in 2012 when I had my kidney removed, after surgery about 6months later my kidney function was at 43. I really was Scared!! This prompted me to really focus on eating more fruits and veggies...not so much carbs. My new nephrologist said I can live for Years and Year with my gfr at 30 as long as I follow the kidney diet. I want I'm doing more and feeling better each day about my decisions to get back on the band wagon and stay focused on making my kidney Happy!!

                      If you have any questions about making your kidney happy, please do post and I'll do my best to find an answer for you

                      Take Good Care, ml


                      • Hi All!!

                        From a Bright Sunny 60 degree day in CT...YA!! I have a dear friend who lives in CO they are hovering in the 40's and below, still with snow coming down...I told her Move To CT!!! Me I was outside yesterday and it was Beautiful!! I can see the END of finishing my front yard garden. My little seedlings are starting to sprout...still not too late for you to plant or buy yard...container garden!! Dug out my front porch area that will have 3 different types of lettuce and chives...I just need to fold in some fertilizing soil

                        Today I start on my side veggie garden, I've got some plants I need to transfer to the big gardens then I'll have a place to plant my 'store bought veggies'. In another area, that is now covered with brush, well under that I've got stepping stones so that will be where I'll be planting my seedlings once it's all cleared out. May 31 is coming up Fast, my little hands and feet are working as much as they can....still much to go!!!

                        Anywho, today I wanted to talk about 'cheating'...
                        Yup I do it on occasion. Speaking for myself, I have several food items I Can Not Bring Into My House. Cookies, Ice cream, potato chips, Fritos sharp Cheddar cheese, of course cup cakes/cakes of any kind. Do I cheat, two days I can stuff down a whole bag of cookies and fritos, in one day I can scoff down a full bag of potato chips, Ice cream, cup cakes or cake slower, same with cheese ALL depending on my mood.
                        Another catch is I'm So Sick And Tired Of CKD and I'm going to eat what I want...or I've been denying myself for so long I can eat a whole cake and I'll be ok I just won't have any for a while again.

                        I've many levels of energy, motivation from full forward jet speed or worm wiggly on the ground, motivation up running a marathon, or sit on my butt all day playing computer games or reading a book....really bad pull up the covers, in pj's eating pbj from a energized to depressed to bed and pull the covers over my head....emotional eating is a problem...oh the stories I tell myself!! Two other drinks...soda and beer. I like soda, beer not so much unless I'm having a toasted grinder, or pizza.

                        So I'm going to write what I do to curb these Outbursts of Stuffing My Face. My number One
                        Weapon is Never Ever go to a grocery store hungry or without a list...if I'm hungry I'll do emotional buying, no list, I'll float from isle to isle picking up what I want...good bad or ugly, it goes into the cart. My diet is such that I have like 12 key items I'll eat in a week, so I look at the fridge, what needs replacing goes on the list, if my son is coming over, I'll put on the list what I want for him.

                        This is where I have my son only comes maybe 2 a I'll buy a think crust white cheese pizza topped with veggies I Give Myself 3 Slices, at the same time I'll buy a bottle of sprite and Give My Self soda. I Never buy Ice cream or frozen yogurt, so I'll Give Myself a Treat at McDonalds or DQ of a vanilla cone. A Grinder, now I get meatless with cheese...a treat...and if sprite doesn't do it for me, I'll buy an O'Doul's non alcoholic beer.

                        In the grand scheme of life, I Hate Taking Pills...I'll fight tooth and nail to not take another one. Recently with my stomach, being ill so much that I became so dehydrates as to get the chills...I said to myself "what is worse, getting sick, becoming dehydrated, or taking a pill to prevent my stomach from going into spasms of indigestion, gerd that makes me sick....Yesterday morning after a night time of tossing and turning I got up and took an extra stomach pill. Why, a doctor friend of mine, and one of my dear friends who passed a way experience last year. The woman was his wife...he is a doctor...even He Could Not Make Her Take Medication and that reduced the ''quality'' of her life.

                        Now with CKD we are limited to they types of pain medication we can take...personally I don't Take Any pain medication. Recently though I was in such pain, I thought to myself do I agonize, is taking the one pill going to kill me or hurt my kidney so much, I thought of my friend who was in agonizing pain and what her husband said to me "I don't understand why people refuse medication and have less of a quality of life when if they do take a med, the "Quality Of Life" is so much better.
                        I took a Motrin. I was in less pain. Actually I took two at night, that was enough of an edge so I could manage without.

                        So I guess what I'm really writing about today is that sometimes depriving can lead to binging, Denying yourself something that you really want and really like is going to make you want to eat/have even more. I figure I'm nearly 66, Blessed with a little glitch here and there healthy with one kidney, So I say, 'acknowledging' I want this and I'm going to have one. Not every day, or every week, maybe once/twice a month and that is good enough. I still will watch for all the other stuff, sodium potassium phosphrous, protein. When reading a package lable for pizza I'll look at the protein level for one serving, that will base my protein intake for the day...if it's 30, I know I only have 10-15 more grams for the day. Although it's better to spread out your protein evenly through out each meal.

                        So my long blah blah is to say, be kind to yourself, be kind to your kidney and you'll both be healthy and be happy!

                        Have a Wonderful Day!!

                        Take Good Care, ml


                        • Happy Memorial Day!!

                          For all the men and women who have served and are currently serving in the military to keep our Country safe....Thank You!!
                          For those who have lost loved ones to the words can express the feelings of your loss...I just want you to know I'm thinking of you today. My Mom, Dad, and Uncle were in WW2 in the Navy. My Stepfather was in the Royal Airforce...and I have a Dear Dear friend who has done 4 tours of duty...he is a doctor.

                          For today, not much in the way of posting...just a simple site where you can get lots of ideas for salads~~


                          Wishing you the Best and and Safe Memorial Day!!

                          Take Good Care, ml


                          • Hi All!!

                            Hoping ya all had a wonderful Memorial Day!! Funny how holiday's are sort of bitter sweet...happy memories of people and events, yet for some of us, sadly missing those we for me, well I've got Way Too Many Angels in Heaven.

                            I wanted to write today about an experience...scary as all get out...that has been unfolding for the last 1.5 weeks. I had my identity stolen, an account opened after checking my credit, and charged for 2009.48 dollars worth of Verizon phones from PA. Then the perps had the phones Fed Ex'd to my Home Address, had a License with my son's name on it and my street address. They tracked the shipment, and were waiting for the Fed Ex to deliver to my home...I was sick so I didn't answer the door...they followed the truck and showed the driver license to the driver and picked up the phones. I can't begin to tally up the hours on the phone to fed ex, the police and Verizon...sheer insanity...finally now, Verizon is in the process of removing the hard credit check, police sending down a report and once they get that then I won't be billed.

                            In the mean time, I've had Everything breeched closing accounts, freezing accounts, banks social security..and to top all off...Verizon shut off the phones, so the perps knew they'd been found out, they 'gave me a gift' of a 'Smile Face' virus on my computer. Personally I can't believe that Verizon would open an account, despite me having a Very High credit score "online" as a "pay as you go" order...essentially the perps got 2009.48 of merchandise by paying only the tax for the phones!!

                            This is a website that you can check your credit from all three Credit Reporting...Experian, Equifax, and Trans can do this Every Year for sure to copy or print out, once you've opened you can't go back in again without paying.

                            If you have any incorrect info, any Hard Inquiry, or soft inquiry Call The Company and get an explanation ...have it removed...especially if you want to get a loan from a bank or for a car. If there is any incorrect information have that corrected can do this online or by writing. I've No Idea how I got to be the "chosen one", the police don't know be diligent with any papers that have important info, credit card offers etc.

                            That's all for today...I'm still spinning and emotions are flying...

                            Take Good Care, ml


                            • Hi All!!

                              Well I guess I can be called a 'bad penny'...I keep going away and coming back! Not sure where that saying came from?

                              Anywho, I got bit by a tick and ended up in the hospital for 9 glorious days...ha ha...with a high temp of 103.7 and grf at 17% for my single kidney...So Not Cool to say the least!!! Here is some info on the moment I'm covered from head to toe and staying far away from tall grasses!! I so miss working in my gardens, they've gone to hell in a hand basket with weeds....oh well, No more bites for me!!

                              I'm back on the mend now, two weeks out of hospital and moving around much better....Thanking God and lots and lots of drugs and IV fluids my kidney is back up to 30 gfr again and will be seeing my dr every three months now instead of 6 months to keep track of my continued Happy Kidney Function Level!

                              With the hot weather on the East Coast, I saw this article and thought I'd post it....this goes for Everything in any type of can.

                              This is a Huge problem for me: sleep. Since I've been in the hospital I've been very tired, weak physically and sleeping is a problem. I continue taking my melatonin, sometimes it works....what I've been told is if I take the 3mg form in a tablet, to take it '5" hrs before I go to bed, that's how long it takes to dissolve. This link speaks to sleeping and how the body is effected.

                              I wish you all a Great Day...kind of cloudy and humid in CT...I like the cloudy cause my body is still recovering from the antibiotics reaction to sunlight....muggy, well I can do with out that

                              Take care, ml


                              • Hi All!!

                                Hoping this note finds you all well and enjoying this July 4th. Me, well I'm just puttering along, still not much energy. When I spoke to my physical therapist she said sometimes up to 12 weeks to recover from a hospital stay....they are Not relaxing for sure!

                                Anywho, I thought I'd post some info about ticks and hopefully prevent happening to you what happened to me. The specific tick that I got bit by is called Lone Star Tick/ Ehrlichiosis.
                                Now since I only have one kidney, I'm a bit concerned about the toxic level of deet which was recommended by the infectious control dr I saw in the hospital...he said spray it all over me...well, for me, I just can't spray that stuff directly on my skin...I use Cutter, 20% deet, and I sprayed it on my clothing on ankles mainly.

                                This link talks about 9 tick borne diseases and their symptoms.

                                This link is a full bing search about how to prevent tick bites and how you can protect yourself in your yard and outdoors. Take with a grain of salt....especially the 'yard' stuff...those little buggers are tough!

                                Natural methods to prevent tick bites...this one is from the Farmers Almanac...for my mind, the Farmers Almanac is the Mother Earth Bible

                                Hoping the above will help you to enjoy and feel safer in the great, well I'm a work in progress and hoping soon I'll feel more confident about working outside.

                                Take Good Care!!! ml


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