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Just learned I have Stage 3 CKD

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  • Hi All!!

    Today I'm going to write about an experience I've been dealing with for the last two days. The pain I've been experiencing is similar to natural child birth...yes that extreme. What I did was to mess up my eating, due to stress and anxiety I went straight to carbs and sugar. Resulting in 'spikes' of blood sugar levels up and down. Now I did not sit and stuff my face with foods...this was over a period of time, still with the resulting ''inflammation in all my joints, head to toes. Too many carbs and sugar was what caused the spikes, causing the inflammation all over my body joints.

    For the first time since I had my surgery I too nsaid medication. The first night, I had a hard time getting up from a chair and was ackey. I lost sleep that night with so much pain, I'd not taken any medication. The next day I could barely move, walk, or sit, I took medication. So I wanted to share this info, incase anyone has joint pain, to reduce your carbs and sugar intake. Yesterday I drank so much water with the intent of getting the sugar out of my body. Today, after having medication for pain last night I did sleep. It is still challenging to walk, although the joint pain is less today.

    These links below are all pertaining to inflammation sugar,
    carbs and how they effect your blood sugar level and spikes. There is also reference to diabetes and heart conditions.
    This inflammatory, high-energy diet builds belly fat, reduces levels of gut-healthy probiotics, induces weight gain, causes joint pain, bloating, and fatigue, and has been connected with a host of diseases, from diabetes and obesity to heart disease and cancer. And it gets worse: Once you get belly fat, just like an active volcano, it can start spewing out dangerous substances through a condition called “leaky gut.”

    Anti inflammatory Diet

    Prebiotic for better probiotic health
    Prebiotics: 15 Foods for Your Probiotic Efforts

    I came across this detox chicken soup...I'll be making this only using olive oil for saute, Low sodium broth, and no beans or
    no chicken due to the high protein level.

    Hoping your day will be a good one!!

    Take care, ml
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    • Hi All!!

      Thankfully after 3 days of no or practically no carbohydrates, only yogurt, veggies and fruits..2 nsaids..ugh...I'm back to being able to move without severe pain! Still a few acky joints, but nothing At All compared to the last 2 watch the intake of sugar and carbs combined...please!

      So yesterday about sugar and carbs...I came across this article about the Atkins Diet..stating clearly how high protein meats, and cholesterol both effect the level of kidney function.

      Really Cool Site: It's calculator
      Modification of Diet in Renal Disease (MDRD) GFR Calculator

      This article is about diabetes 2 and
      Diabetic Retinopathy Progression

      Heart health with ckd/dialysis/diabetes and the liver.

      Blood flow with kidney disease...this site shows they many ways of how blood flows inside the kidney

      This site (kind of a pain due to popups and jump arounds) gives ways to clean your liver and kidney and reduce the possibility of kidney stones forming.

      Since one of the methods on the above site was to drink cranberry juice, here is a recipe that you can use fresh or frozen cranberry and adds sugar if so desired.

      I'll miss posting tomorrow...

      So I hope you'll have a great day!
      Take care, ml


      • Hi All!!

        Winter is back in CT, I'm not complaining though!! We've has Very Little snow this only about 3/4"..shoveled though because of freezing rain.

        Back to my Mental Health Needs: Gardening!!!
        Today I'm posting some info that will help you have Fresh Organic Veggies

        I like clay pots and little dishes under them to catch draining water.
        If in the ground: Ugh!
        Slugs! can be a problem in the garden because of cracked egg shells..give them a rinse around all the plants...any type of plant.

        This is a Wonderful way to grow, I think it's 14, purchased organic veggies from your grocery store...really cool cause he shows how to do, how the veggie turns out too!

        I just think this guy is so the Aussie voice too, he has Lots of Different types of growing methods and types of foods..from seed and DIY projects of how to make raised beds.

        This gal is Amazing..her growing is just Nuts!

        This man give Very Clear Detailed instructions on how to start from seed container gardening..lots of good info.

        Hoping this info will bring some warmth to what ever part of the country you're at, with Aha...thoughts of spring
        CKD ...Fresh Veggies at a frugal / fun cost

        Take Care, ml

        ** forgot to add this, I got a packet of "binder clips" at my local $$ store. With all the frozen veggies I eat, lots of packages in freezer..I started out with cloths pins, rubber bands...anywho...I'm loving these little clips for closing packages of frozen stuff, cereal, anything in a bag! Pics
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        • Hi All!

          Hope this day brought you all that you wanted...if least what you needed Past couple of days I've been in a bit of a funk,,dang weather. On the other side of the coin, today I noted the Dark didn't arrive until 5:45pm..Amen. Wednesday I bought myself a Summer Time Food...Watermelon...oh it was so wonderful biting down into that yummy watery tasty fruit! Not to forget it's Great for hydrating through eating. While grocery shopping I also bought myself some 93% ground beef.

          A serving size..deck of cards just doesn't work for me...Way Way too much protein! How thick? How much protein? So I went searching and found this site that gives a general 'visual' nutritional food proportion.

          Shrieking: Sugar! Watch those food labels! I learned the Hard Way how my immune system went sky high out of whack by consuming Too Much in a short period of time!!! I wouldn't want Anyone to experience that kind of pain. Here is info about sugar

          Shrieking: Carp Warfare! Too little Too Much?

          This is a really cool site, lots and lots of info about the why's and how to's of ckd

          Hope Ya All Will Have A Great Night!!
          Take care, ml

          Just had a thought...duh...I've not gotten a scale yet, 4oz of beef is 23% protein, so I think I'm safe to eat 2oz, I try for 10gm for each of my three meals with some flex room with the last 10grams. So, Brain Fart, I can put the beef into my 2 cup glass measuring container! Dinner Time! Hamberger, yup love toasted bread, with some catchup, lettuce..somehow not having other toppings are not denying myself any more now what was once a feeling of depriving, is now, Ya I Can Take Control Of CKD by what I put into my body!
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          • Hi All!

            Hope you are enjoying your lovers ...A freezing day here in CT 32 and Friday it was thing that is truly wonderful each day. The sun continues to last longer and longer, last night it was almost 5:50 before total darkness oh ha doing happy dance with the thought of winter Ending!!!

            One hobby come spring is fishing...this is my topic for today. We are told fish is Good, especially salmon. Yes, this is true, however on the other side of the coin, to find 'honest fresh fish' is a challenge. I went to my grocery store and wanted to buy some salmon. I looked at the nutrition label. Not happy with what I read, food coloring and preservatives...keep that pretty color in salmon is Fake

            This link is a comparison of farm raised fish vs. fresh caught fish.. The article written by a nutritionist for 30 years.
            Within the article I've also posted some other info.


            Some Red Flags when purchasing fish, this site has Lots Of Info

            Best and worst choices of fish

            This link is the first fish 'specific' info, within this link there are listings of over 40ish different types of fish.

            This link shoes some "shocking facts" of fish...hyped title, and pick and choose the info...still I thought I'd post because it does have some valid info.

            Hoping You'll All Enjoy Your Day!!!
            Take good care, ml


            • Hi All!!!

              Very Glad To Be Back!

              I've not been able to get on to post for several days...I thought I got banned.

              I'll start posting again on Monday, ""if"" I can get back on,

              Til then, Happy Kidneys...Filtered water tis the best drink on earth these days

              Have a Wonderful Weekend

              Take Good Care, ml


              • Hi All!!
                First sorry, I've been loosing days and getting side tracked. I do hope your week has been going well thus far. Me, well the weather and my head are about in the same place...clouds. On and off today I said to myself Post! Well, it's almost 10pm and I'm a gonna get something down

                This is a blog I found about the vegan diet, As we all know, veggies and fruits are our best friend, protein is needed, yet in moderation depending on your gfr level.Some interesting info here. I did watch the video, with a grain of salt...not on my food though....

                I did a search on the's an online read.

                I don't know about the 'cleanse' as I'd be very concerned about becoming least from my own way of thinking....lots of info to address to your nephrologist doc if you go down that road.

                This site is a Waste of Time Advertisements for a miracle drug blah blah.... www healkidneydisease com

                This web page is full of info about 'green juicing, referred to in the video.

                Kind of a yucky subject, yet important for our health. I have issues with constipation due to other medications I take so I thought I'd post this info.

                And this site is about creatinine levels a good site to learn more about kidney function.

                Again,,,,sorry about the 'brains' and hope you are all going to have a Great Rest Of The Week. Not sure when my next post will be, but like a bad penny I'll be back.

                Take Good Care, ml


                • Hi All!!

                  Well well...waking today to 6" of snow was Not Nice...this is more than we've had where I live in CT All Winter in one drop! I've been having some pain in my lower right back area …. not sure if it's my kidney or sitting too much, I do know I'm not moving as much as I should be..ugh...winter blah blahs.

                  I've been doing some more reading on potassium, due to physical illness I want to adjust my diet to include more minerals and vitamins, not to forget those ever needed fluids. I'll be going for my 3 month testing and I'm a bit concerned about my numbers. I need to call for an apt on Monday, but I also think I'll take into consideration if I should wait for another month to try and feel better physically...if I'm dehydrated to give myself a better chance of resolving that...I've been sick 2 times within two weeks.

                  This site focus is on Stage 3 Kidney Disease and the importance of diet.

                  The below site page has many different links dealing with vitamins and minerals and the renal diet/life style for health.

                  My thought is if I stick within the guide lines of a renal diet, take in more fruits and veggies which are high in fluid content my body hydration will increase rather than my urine output by just drinking water.

                  Busy day tomorrow, so I'm not sure if I will post.

                  Hoping you'll have a Wonderful Sunday

                  Take care, ml


                  • Hi All!!

                    Well as crazy as my life is...the weather is Just As Crazy! Would you believe the first 4 days of March has brought More Snow Than The Whole Winter!! Another 6" of heavy wet snow...ugh....

                    On the Wonderful side...I was Blessed with two of my neighbors and two of their friends who have a snow blower...they did my whole driveway right down to wiping the snow off my car! Boy oh Boy was I grateful for all of them!! So today turned out to be a wonderful sunny day, I was able to get out and do errands that needed doing.

                    The bright sun hurts my eyes, and this popped up in my blah blahs on the computer...Lord knows I need all the help I can get!!

                    I found this info in a magazine...I've no idea if this stuff works. What I like is the fact No Medicine is involved to solve everyday annoying ….
                    Headaches...Ginger tea (2 lemons, 2" piece of fresh ginger, 4 cups of water. Juice of two lemons(put aside in a bowl), slice off the 'yellow' part of lemon skin.. In a pan, add peel, ginger and water...simer 20 minutes over medium heat. Strain, add depending on your taste pod of star anise, cloves, cinnamon stick, 1/4 raw honey...add lemon juice.

                    Migraine, wrap an icepack around the front part and sides of your neck for aprox 30 minutes. The vagus nerve 'shuts down' and turns off the pain signals. This link is a full page of info about the vagus system.

                    Chronic Headaches: Peppermint rub. 5 drops of peppermint oil and mix with 1 tsp of carrier oil ( Massage into your temples for the relies of pain killing 5 minutes?

                    Sinus headache Damp Heat shower hold a hot wet wash cloth across your face...I use a wash cloth, heated in microwave for pain. 1 bag of beans, sew up folded wash cloth on bottom and long side...add beans and sew up the end...microwave for 2ish minutes depending on your level of power.

                    leep and Acid reflux: within 12 weeks melatonin 5 mg lowers inflammation in the esophagus that worsens a natural sleep aid.

                    And... Licorice Tea for Reflux

                    Hoping '''this stuff works''''...worth a try to avoid taking more pills that could give us an unhappy kidney



                    • Hey All!!

                      I know I've not been here is Quite Some Time!!! Since the time change has happened, it really messes with mind and body. Add on the insane weather we've been having in CT, well I wanted to just crawl under my covers and not even peek out. On in the last week have I really made any progress with All that I need to catch up on doing that was put aside. Slowly I'm making progress

                      The Biggest Problem I'm having is No Sleep, only averaging 4-6hrs when I really need 6-8hrs to function..I came across this article about sleeping and all the different aspects of sleep, stages and what happens..pretty cool...we Do Have Amazing Bodies and Brain!!

                      Of course along with the many helpers to sleep, with ckd taking medication is Not Cool especially nsaids. So I came across these two melatonin sleep aids, they are natural...I learned as we get older, our body doesn't make as much melatonin...could be why I'm not sleeping much. Of course there are the pills which take about 5 hours to get into your system. I found these two, one is a spray that is used under the tongne and the other is a liquid form...I haven't tried either but I thought I'd pass on the info.

                      This is a full page research of melatonin info

                      This link is for spray/liquids.

                      I know this will sound nuts, I discovered that my sheets were adding to my lack of sleep...I wasn't able to turn with out my pj's kind of sticking and being pulled...I've since ditched those sheets!!!

                      Hoping ya all will sleep better

                      Have a Great Evening and Super Tuesday!! ml


                      • Hi All!!!

                        Oh My what a day!!! The sun was shinning, just over 50 degrees and ya bet I was Outside In My Yard!!! I'll no doubt be a sore puppy tomorrow, but I just was 'in the moment' all the way/time I was outdoors!

                        My neighbor helped me fix a crooked metal thingy on my hedge trimmer so I was zapping and trimming raking..until...well too much bending over sent my stomach through the roof...yup, I ended up "there" twice, so now I'm trying to build up fluids I lost...lesson learned...easy does it with the bending over!!!

                        This link has So Much Info it's the only one I'm putting up today...I still haven't read all the stuff...summertime stuff, diet stuff, replacement foods...lots and I hope you'll get some good ideas for keeping your kidney happy!!!


                        Take Good Care, ml


                        • Hi All !!!

                          Hoping you are all having a Great Day!! Me, well I'm chill'n this am, now almost 12:30 and need to start moving. The sun is out, the bird feeder is busy busy and I've been seeing my Beautiful Cardinals more Spirit Bird.

                          The other day I went sort of batty in one of my favorite stores, Aldi's a low cost grocery store...they had a bird feeder on sale, the type I've wanted for a into the cart it went. Then yesterday I went to another favorite store...A Very Very dangerous store for me if I use a cart...well I did and came out with more than I went in wanting, yet feel Very Happy with the purchase of two new seat covers for my outside rocking chairs...a couple of weeks ago I bought a 7' umbrella so I'm good to go when the weather gets a bit warmer for morning coffee outside still on the chilly side at 43. Here's a link to my Very Very Dangerous store is a story about how tea is so good for you...I just think yoga info on the tea bags was kind of a silly stupid 'fun'....

                          Today still finds me a bit on the dehydrated side from being sick twice the other day, but I'm pushing those fluids. Yesterday I went into a physical therapy place, a gal I've known since high school owns the business. I'm getting weaker in the muscle zones of my wrists, icky knees and back...I need to get some strength, energy, and stamina back into my life. Today a phone call to my primary care doc for a referral...get the ball rolling for a more healthful body of balance and strength with exercise program geared to my needs...I'm excited.

                          Then my dear neighbor fixed a snagged link in the hedge trimmer, so I've been cutting back and doing clean up slowly despite the temp, when moving around in the sun I'm warm enough...sure does lift my winter blue spirit. Lots and lots of planning over the winter for a new veggie garden, and in the Dangerous store I also bought two blue berry bushes which have blossoms so that will bring some berries this year...not to eat, maybe next year

                          In keeping with the food of fruits and veggies, I'll be starting my seeds mid april, hoping for a planting mid may so I've got a good month to get the ground ready for planting. Here is a video of 'container gardening' ya don't have to grow in the ground! the kitty too He also gives a veggie/beef soup recipe in a blender.

                          This guy just cracks me up and blows me away with his gardening...and the kitty just adds to the fun!!! Lots of good info on his page ...put up the wrong link..duh!

                          Well that's a wrap up for today...lunch and Out Doors for me!! Hoping you'll all have a wonderful day, enjoy something by giving yourself something to make you smile!

                          Take care, ml
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                          • Hi All!!

                            I hope life is treating you well and your kidneys are happy too! Lately I've been continuing on with de-cluttering my house and my two 'horrible rooms' upstairs are now not so horrible. One I've turned in to a small sitting much warmer upstairs...also my computers are upstairs so I'm less likely to got lost and waiste time fooling around. The second room continues to need more work...papers...ugh!! I do feel good about my accomplishments over the winter, bedroom, living room, kitchen, sewing room and living room are All de-cluttered. Next projects will include my porch, garage and Papers!!...Good Grief!! Then come all the repairs that need to be done....I'm hoping by the end of summer I'll have all completed and when I feel like moving there will be no crazy making Clutter!! Here is a utube video of 41 hacks to clean your house

                            My fun time is coming and I'm working hard in all my gardens much easier prior to the growing season, they aren't so embedded. Lowes, one of my favorite stores is having a Black Friday sale and I got 20 bags of mulch today...I've only unloaded 4 bags...Long Way To Go! Again, in my yard I'm doing the same as in my house...a Good De-Clutter and lots of mulch on top. I have the place I want my veggies to go all ready...still need to clean out the side yard for my 'fruit area'...I bought some strawberry blue berry plants and have two apple trees and one peach tree. My Grammy Molly who lived to the tender age of 93, "use it or loose it" that's what I'm trying to do.

                            Here are a few links in regard to time to eat dinner
                            and some ways to increase your metabolism, plus foods to avoid.. Boost your immune system.

                            If you are challenged with sleep, I've Finally come up with a plan for me.
                            Prior to dinner, I take two tablets 3mg of melatonin, usually around 5pm, swallow with regular water, then some warm water...I've learned it takes about 3-5hrs for the melatonin to be digested in the stomach. Also, at Walgreens they sell a liquid form of melatonin...I haven't tried that yet...but I think I'll get some soon, as there are times I wake in the night...the liquid usually takes around 30 put it under your tongue. The Biggie, No Fluids after 8pm and off computer at least an hour before for an hour. This link talks about how much sleep you need.

                            Hoping your day was as sunny as mine!!
                            Take Good Care of You, ml


                            • Hi All!!

                              Hope life is treating you well as we're moving forward to, for me, the Best Time Of The Year! I just so love watching Everything outside open up after the long and long winter months.

                              My fingers have been in dry and mud as I work trying to catchup with last years growth and get ahead of this years weeds. Over the weekend I finished my little project of a new area just outside my porch door where I can go out in the am for a morning coffee. Quite simple, I spread out a 10x10 tarp, and covered it with mulch, Wellaaaahaaa now a table and two chairs for viewing my....more to my backyard while coffee is in hand. Next year if I decide to do a 10x10 garden in the same place "all the grass, weeds etc. will be digging out!!

                              It's a warm 60 degree day, the sun is trying So Hard to peek out after a night of rain. I'm still going out to do Something as long as it's not raining, just put on my winter boots with rubber. I do need to remember to take them off, I had a pathway from porch through kitchen of mud the other day. I'm not much on the domestic side of life inside the house at this time of year..actually anytime of the year! To Be Honest

                              So on to keeping out kidneys happy. I came across this article about a new medication for diabetes and how it can help kidney and heart..maybe check out with your dr and see if it can help you.

                              This is something I've experienced, perhaps you too...rushing to get to a dr apt on time after getting stuck in traffic or a late start from home. By the time I get into the office I'm huffing and puffing, feeling anxiety and stressed out. If I've really cut time close, I'm hustled in to get weight, then get pulse and blood pressure plus questions to answer concerning my health from last visit. So the nephrologist comes in, sees my blood pressure (I always Ask The Office Tech for my numbers) and we go into my blood work the end of that, the nephrologist ""takes my blood pressure Again"" why, to get a better reading if I'm on the high side. Also, if I've been rushing, I'll close my eyes and just try to breathe evenly to calm myself down before blood pressure is taken. Just something to think about if your numbers are on the high side. There is a new study out called "SPRINT" and the effect of blood pressure and ckd...still in the trial phase as the moment...I personally think it needs a lot more participants...
                              Off now to start my Monday Blah Blah's in the house with the hope of getting outside...Lowes a local hardware store has mulch on sale, 17th is the last day, so far I've purchased 26 bags...only have about 5 down so far...Lots of Work!! Remember you too can garden some fresh veggies, get those planter pots out!! If you're out and about in the sun, remember to add a bit more fluid to avoid dehydration!

                              Take Good Care!! ml


                              • Hi All!!!

                                Burrrrr cold 45 degrees with a Howling wind all night long and continues now! I'm sitting in my "sun" spot as I Refuse to turn on my heat any longer. Guess I'm trying in my own stupid silly way to Force Spring To Come!

                                Anywho, I came across this article which seems off. It was a study done on 18,000 people by UCLA nephrology dept, where my old Urologist moved to leaving me in the lurch I so like him!! If anyone out in the CA area Dr, Brian Shuch...Huge Amount of Brains and Compassion! So this article mainly about fluid intake. What I did find interesting was on the bottom of the page there is a chart of urine color, explanations and when to be concerned and contact your dr.

                                This is an article about the symptoms of dehydration. Your gfr numbers can fluctuate depending on your hydration level. The only True way to get gfr, level, this you can and should ask for if seeing a nephrologist for the first visit, is a 24hr urine collection.

                                This is Really Important if you are older! I'm almost 66 and I find this to be true for myself...I'm just not thirsty. For me, I have to make an effort to drink fluids, with the exception of my two coffees in the am. I used to drink 64 oz of water and found that just became too much for me. So now I drink Atleast 64oz of Fluids. This can include broth, soup, juice ( I drink 1/2 juice and1.2 water) herbal tea, and sometimes veggie juice. I'll cut up a couple stalks of celery, with 8oz water and microwave until celery is of blending consistancy. I'll add another 8oz water or have as a soup.

                                If you think you or someone close to you might be dehydrated, here are ways to help them.

                                This is an article about dehydration and muscle cramping in legs with ckd. It's a pain in the butt site with pop up.

                                As we come into the summer months or as for me, working outside I'm focused on keeping hydrated!!

                                Hoping you'll have a Wonderful Day and Make yourself a Happy Kidney

                                Take care, ml


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