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Just learned I have Stage 3 CKD

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  • Hi All!!

    Today I'm going to write about an experience I've been dealing with for the last two days. The pain I've been experiencing is similar to natural child birth...yes that extreme. What I did was to mess up my eating, due to stress and anxiety I went straight to carbs and sugar. Resulting in 'spikes' of blood sugar levels up and down. Now I did not sit and stuff my face with foods...this was over a period of time, still with the resulting ''inflammation in all my joints, head to toes. Too many carbs and sugar was what caused the spikes, causing the inflammation all over my body joints.

    For the first time since I had my surgery I too nsaid medication. The first night, I had a hard time getting up from a chair and was ackey. I lost sleep that night with so much pain, I'd not taken any medication. The next day I could barely move, walk, or sit, I took medication. So I wanted to share this info, incase anyone has joint pain, to reduce your carbs and sugar intake. Yesterday I drank so much water with the intent of getting the sugar out of my body. Today, after having medication for pain last night I did sleep. It is still challenging to walk, although the joint pain is less today.

    These links below are all pertaining to inflammation sugar,
    carbs and how they effect your blood sugar level and spikes. There is also reference to diabetes and heart conditions.
    This inflammatory, high-energy diet builds belly fat, reduces levels of gut-healthy probiotics, induces weight gain, causes joint pain, bloating, and fatigue, and has been connected with a host of diseases, from diabetes and obesity to heart disease and cancer. And it gets worse: Once you get belly fat, just like an active volcano, it can start spewing out dangerous substances through a condition called “leaky gut.”

    Anti inflammatory Diet

    Prebiotic for better probiotic health
    Prebiotics: 15 Foods for Your Probiotic Efforts

    I came across this detox chicken soup...I'll be making this only using olive oil for saute, Low sodium broth, and no beans or
    no chicken due to the high protein level.

    Hoping your day will be a good one!!

    Take care, ml
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    • Hi All!!

      Thankfully after 3 days of no or practically no carbohydrates, only yogurt, veggies and fruits..2 nsaids..ugh...I'm back to being able to move without severe pain! Still a few acky joints, but nothing At All compared to the last 2 watch the intake of sugar and carbs combined...please!

      So yesterday about sugar and carbs...I came across this article about the Atkins Diet..stating clearly how high protein meats, and cholesterol both effect the level of kidney function.

      Really Cool Site: It's calculator
      Modification of Diet in Renal Disease (MDRD) GFR Calculator

      This article is about diabetes 2 and
      Diabetic Retinopathy Progression

      Heart health with ckd/dialysis/diabetes and the liver.

      Blood flow with kidney disease...this site shows they many ways of how blood flows inside the kidney

      This site (kind of a pain due to popups and jump arounds) gives ways to clean your liver and kidney and reduce the possibility of kidney stones forming.

      Since one of the methods on the above site was to drink cranberry juice, here is a recipe that you can use fresh or frozen cranberry and adds sugar if so desired.

      I'll miss posting tomorrow...

      So I hope you'll have a great day!
      Take care, ml


      • Hi All!!

        Winter is back in CT, I'm not complaining though!! We've has Very Little snow this only about 3/4"..shoveled though because of freezing rain.

        Back to my Mental Health Needs: Gardening!!!
        Today I'm posting some info that will help you have Fresh Organic Veggies

        I like clay pots and little dishes under them to catch draining water.
        If in the ground: Ugh!
        Slugs! can be a problem in the garden because of cracked egg shells..give them a rinse around all the plants...any type of plant.

        This is a Wonderful way to grow, I think it's 14, purchased organic veggies from your grocery store...really cool cause he shows how to do, how the veggie turns out too!

        I just think this guy is so the Aussie voice too, he has Lots of Different types of growing methods and types of foods..from seed and DIY projects of how to make raised beds.

        This gal is Amazing..her growing is just Nuts!

        This man give Very Clear Detailed instructions on how to start from seed container gardening..lots of good info.

        Hoping this info will bring some warmth to what ever part of the country you're at, with Aha...thoughts of spring
        CKD ...Fresh Veggies at a frugal / fun cost

        Take Care, ml

        ** forgot to add this, I got a packet of "binder clips" at my local $$ store. With all the frozen veggies I eat, lots of packages in freezer..I started out with cloths pins, rubber bands...anywho...I'm loving these little clips for closing packages of frozen stuff, cereal, anything in a bag! Pics
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        • Hi All!

          Hope this day brought you all that you wanted...if least what you needed Past couple of days I've been in a bit of a funk,,dang weather. On the other side of the coin, today I noted the Dark didn't arrive until 5:45pm..Amen. Wednesday I bought myself a Summer Time Food...Watermelon...oh it was so wonderful biting down into that yummy watery tasty fruit! Not to forget it's Great for hydrating through eating. While grocery shopping I also bought myself some 93% ground beef.

          A serving size..deck of cards just doesn't work for me...Way Way too much protein! How thick? How much protein? So I went searching and found this site that gives a general 'visual' nutritional food proportion.

          Shrieking: Sugar! Watch those food labels! I learned the Hard Way how my immune system went sky high out of whack by consuming Too Much in a short period of time!!! I wouldn't want Anyone to experience that kind of pain. Here is info about sugar

          Shrieking: Carp Warfare! Too little Too Much?

          This is a really cool site, lots and lots of info about the why's and how to's of ckd

          Hope Ya All Will Have A Great Night!!
          Take care, ml

          Just had a thought...duh...I've not gotten a scale yet, 4oz of beef is 23% protein, so I think I'm safe to eat 2oz, I try for 10gm for each of my three meals with some flex room with the last 10grams. So, Brain Fart, I can put the beef into my 2 cup glass measuring container! Dinner Time! Hamberger, yup love toasted bread, with some catchup, lettuce..somehow not having other toppings are not denying myself any more now what was once a feeling of depriving, is now, Ya I Can Take Control Of CKD by what I put into my body!
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