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Am posting for the first time.

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  • Am posting for the first time.

    My name is Gloria and I have been on hemodialysis for over 3 years at 2 different centers. I receive good care for the most part but there is one thing that I am very concerned and worried about. There is not enough staffing during the times I am at a dialysis. During the last hour of my run there is only one tech and one nurse for 8 patients. There are a lot of patients that have to be taken off the machines at the same time so the two employees are too busy. I have had to wait too long after my treatment to have an employee finally show up to take me off. When I question the staffing situation I am told that they would be over staffed and over budget if they had another employee for 8 patients. My concerns are this - when the staff has to hurry its more likely mistakes are going to be made. If there is a medical emergency with one of the patients it will take both employees to handle it. That leaves everyone else stuck on their machine longer than necessary. The thought that Davita is cutting staffing so close in order to increase profits makes me angry. Davita should be scheduling more people so emergencies can be handled without the other patients care being put on hold. Has anyone else noticed this or has run into a problem due to under staffing?
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