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Post Operative Fistula Care Question

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  • Post Operative Fistula Care Question

    My elderly father just had fistula surgery a few days ago. Unfortunately, my Mom has short term memory loss, although she was with him at the hospital. They gave verbal instructions that my Dad is not clear on, (groggy from anesthesia) and poor Mom cannot remember anything current. It's the weekend and we cannot get answers, but wondering if he can take the outer bandage off, or if he is supposed to after two days? I know he is not suppose to mess with the steri strips. I have read on the internet that you take the outer bandage off, and can wash the incision site gently with mild soap. Anyone know if that is standard procedure? I am thinking he needs to look at it to make sure it looks okay. The surgery is in his wrist

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    I just know when I had surgery for that, I was told not to shower for 48-72 hrs and to leave the outer bandage on for that time. After that time I was able to take the outer bandage cover off, wash with mild soap and water, but leave the steri strips on until they fell off on their own.


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      Hey buch... yeah, don't remove the bandage for a at least 48 hrs. Then you may be able to wash around the site with mild soap and water, but not directly on the site. Here's a link with basic care. >>>


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