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Issues that need improved upon

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  • Issues that need improved upon

    "For the powers that be". I have a few issues I want to express and since I cannot find a way to get to the corporate people I am hoping they see this. 1st, why do I have to go to two different places, two different sticks, to get lab work done when I have labs ordered by my PCP and nephrologist. If it is mandatory for me to get my labs at Davita, then I should be able to get all of them. 2nd, All of my labs are not posted, why? It has been a week since they were drawn. I am an educated consumer,a RN, and monitor my husbands healthcare closely. Your process is less than optimum compared to what we have used in the resent past. 3rd, regarding the PD cath. bandages your discontinuation of the split 2x2 sponges and expecting me to cut a sterile sponge with a non-sterile pair of scissors only puts me (and others I am certain) at risk for an infection at the insertion site. Does this small cost savings justify your change in procedure? Will you request from the Davita nurses that they keep a count of insertion sites when the patient is required to use non-sterile scissors? That is a study I would like to see.

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    When will you people start addressing and solving the low blood pressure your machines produce with side effects of headache and nausea. Makes me sick for the rest of the day and into the next. I some how missed these side effects in your advertising and promotions.

    You also provide Wireless internet but have that access pass worded. That password is not a secret as the employees provide it but it requires a capital letter and an ! mark. Thats 3 screens on a phone and hard for elderly people with fat fingers. I t would also be progressive (customer friendly) to show the password as it is being entered.


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