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Kidney Smart Class - Raleigh NC

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  • Kidney Smart Class - Raleigh NC

    I am a caregiver to my spouse who is diabetic. We registered for the KidneySmart Class in Raleigh NC. We had inclement weather last night. It took us 40 minutes to get to the facility hosting the class. And we were not quite 20 minutes late. There were no signs in the lobby introducing the class and the building manager had to help us locate where the class was being held. Evidently the class instructor had just left. There are simply no nice words to describe how frustrated and irritated I am. 1) With inclement weather and AHEAD OF SCHEDULED CLASS TIME, students should be notified for a late start or an offer for a different class being held at a later date, 2) Knowing the area and possible school and business delays, why the instructor not wait a full 30 minutes?, 3) the hosting facility did not have the instructor's phone number to call her back. They had to use the registration coordinator's phone number (which I had just said I called twice to no avail).

    I fully recognize that since we were the only pair to show up, we may have been the only registrants for this particular class. And, I point to scenario 1. However, I called the contact from our registration...3 times. Left a message twice. Once to ask her to call me if the class had been canceled and let her know that we would be leaving the house to travel (and gave her the time). No response from her. Second time was to express my displeasure. Since I am now home - I still have had no response. Is this person still employed? We post contact phone numbers in the registration. Is this not available to the class instructor?

    I am confused about how this was (not well) handled and frustrated about this situation. This is time away from my work desk and huge impact to my day to be turned away from a class both my husband and myself were looking forward to. And travel is not easy.
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