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  • list of foods

    hi i'm new here. have spent a few days looking and learning.. i love the recipes. i was wondering though if there was just a list of foods that i could just buy.. like cottage cheese. well i don't know if that is a good food for me.. i'm stuck at home disabled. and my husband works at his job. we are older. he doesn't feel like cooking every night. we eat out way to much. so a list of easy foods would really be appreciated. i'm the one that needs to have a better way of eating. he wants to eat the same with me for support but he cant live on just salads.

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    You could ask your treatment center or if they have a dietician, you could ask them to see if they have a list they could give you. When I started dialysis, I was given a paper that had a list of suggested foods and drinks that were acceptable to have. It broke it down to different categories (i.e., proteins, fruits, vegetables, snacks, etc). It made it much easier when shopping and figuring out foods.


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      Having a list of suggested foods that iskidney friendly and make up simple menus for a few meals. I make dinner for my family six night a week.
      i plan basics meals, - a protein, vegetable/ fruit, grain. We eat a lot of chicken and fish. Often I make two meals at the same time and we eat the same meal two nights in a row. I use herbs and spices. I made a computer list of the most common foods I buy so I don't have to write it everyweek. The first page is fruit and vegetables, page two are proteins, page three other stuff. I run a copy off when I shop and check off what items I want for this week.


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        General tips and information:

        A good list of stuff to look at:

        Amy's brand frozen stuff is pretty good too. Just check the ingredients. Read labels, read labels, read labels.

        Whole Foods has some decent stuff in their frozen foods sections.

        Renal grocery list:


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