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Taking frustration of this disease out on my wife

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  • Taking frustration of this disease out on my wife

    I have been extremely short tempered, angry and that is not me

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    My patience level has shortened. Anything I can do to counteract these ????


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      Let me preface this by stating I am not a professional, haha, but I have witnessed my dad and mom's relationship during this change in lifestyle and my dad (who has the kidney disease and is on dialysis) is similar in that he is quick to lose his patience with people, especially my mom.

      I think you are entitled to feel what you feel. It's actually normal in my opinion. It could be helpful to just breathe. Take some time, close your eyes, and breathe through your frustrations. Sounds like a hippie response, but honestly it helps. Can I ask how new you are to this disease?


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        My husband would be the same way with me. I understood why. I don't really know how he felt, or how I would behave if it were me. I made a clear, conscious choice to understand that his 'behavior' was his illness, and not him. It is a phase... you will find what you need within you to regain your patience and even temper.


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