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Hi New on here my name is Deb

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  • Hi New on here my name is Deb

    After 15 years of hemo, i just started home PD, and have so many questions. I have a great support system at the clinic, but I think some of the question I have would be best answered by someone who has experienced the same issues.. My main concern now is the fluid, I can't seem to get down to my dry weight. I have gone without drinking at all, not eating and the weight just keeps going up. My exchanges are great very few time I get less than I put in, and get way over when I put out. I have noticed if I don't dwell overnight the weight does come off and if I dwell over 4 hours I just get the 2000l or less. Anyone esle having that problem. I weighed this morning and 1 hour later gained 2kg, I am wondering if its the scale?

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    I found what I think is a good publication for newbies an you may already have it. Just in case you don't I'm sending it to you. Go to: The New Normal "The First 90 Days on Dialysis. The best to you and did you ever have leg pain and sores and if so how did you and or your team help manage the pain.


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      Thank you Nappyla, I will read the book. I really appreciate your help


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        have you tried moving your scale to different places in your house and seeing how you weigh in other spots? I had to move my scale around until I finally found a spot where I was getting consistent readings. I had that issue where I would weigh and then a little while later weigh again and have a totally different reading (and not eating or drinking in between). I would probably try that first to see if that makes any difference.


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