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84 yrs old and living my life my way

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  • 84 yrs old and living my life my way

    ive always been told I look younger then I am but ive been living on dialysis for four years. and grateful for every day,not sorry for myself. we have to make the best of what we have to handle

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    I'm 82 and on dialysis since June. I'm grateful for it since I'm not really ready for the alternative. I count the time spent on treatment as part of my social life🤗🤗


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      I'm 71 almost 72 and new to kidney disease. Stage 3 is frightening but I see such positive people here and that gives me hope. I wish everyone well.🙂
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        I feel like the youngster of the group; I'm only 70, but in stage 4 of this disease. Not on dialysis yet, but will take it in stride if that day comes. I give you all credit for having such a good outlook on things!


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          I mirror what cpi3per1 says but 50 here!! God bless us all!!


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            I just love everyone's attitude here! I'm 59 and just diagnosed as stage 3a. Although I'm hoping to prevent the progression of the disease, if it does progress, I hope I have your attitudes 19peggy33 and MitchsLaLa! Hugs to all!


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