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  • traveling to mexico

    I am planning on going to Aguascalientes Mexico for their flower festival which occurs in Apr/May. I have been doing home dialysis at night for about a year and now I consider myself a pro. However, I can't find any posts for people traveling to Mexico that concern the use of the machine in their electrical lines. I want to know if the dialyzer will experience any problems when connecting it to their electrical outlets. I am planning on going by bus, and although I don't see any restrictions here with immigration, it would be nice to know as to what the rules are when traveling with supplies and equipment in Mexico. I understand that I can get a letter from my doctor but any other needed paperwork info would be a plus. Info at the Mexican bus line has indicated that there will be additional charge for the water bags but it's not expensive. Immigration paperwork can be arranged when crossing the Mexican border as long as one takes an American passport. Any posts concerning this area would be appreciated.

    Thank U


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    Having traveled in Mexico before, first let me give you a few pointers: The electrical system, while not as reliable as ours, is theoretically 100% compatible. That is probably the least of your worries.

    If you have a letter from your doctor, translate it into Spanish. Also, check first with Mexican immigration, not US immigration. Keep phone numbers of US consulates in and near places where you are going. Get numbers for supplies from INSIDE Mexico, should you need them. Get Mexican health coverage for your trip. And, lastly, get a Mexican cellphone or SIM card for your US phone to use while in Mexico.


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      Thank U for your advice. You are the first person to acknowledge using a dialyzer that I am aware of. I will check with the Mexican immigration since I am in El Paso, TX. I will contact Davita or Fresenius to see if they have some info on this.


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        Here is the latest when traveling with a Liberty dialyzer to Aguascalientes, Mexico. Like the user says, one must take a letter from your kidney doctor explaining as to why the machine is necessary in Spanish, preferably dated when one is going to Mexico. There is a tel. # in Fresenius, Mexico to see if bags can be bought and rent the use of a Newton IQ dialyzer which appears to be an old brand that can be used for backup in case your dialyzer goes bad, since it can't be fixed in Mexico. The tel. # is (0115233) 3540-4279 and the office is located in Guadalajara, Jalisco (Zapopan) Mexico. So far, I have had a lot of trouble finding out what the price of the bags is as they require a letter from your kidney doctor stating that the bags used in Mexico which have a a different liquid composition (why this is I can't explain it) are safe to use. Davita or Fresenius travel services offer little help in this area, which just makes it harder for patients like myself to travel. I will report back when I actually take the trip and see if it was successful. No insurance is offered to protect the dialyzer in case it gets stolen.


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          Well folks, I am back from Aguascalientes, Mexico. The immigration officer was kind of disturbed in that the doctor's letter was not printed on an office stamped letter. I will give this info to the kidney doctor. Furthermore, they require a prescription for all medications that require a prescription. Next time, I will take one. The machine worked flawlessly in their electrical outlets. I will contact Fresenius as to why bags are not available in Mexico which would avoid one having to take the water bags. I bought a cheap cell telephone for ca $25 dlls, which was used to communicate within Mexico. It can even be used to call the USA. One has to buy airtime for the cell phone. Since I have supplemental coverage Plan J, it does include health coverage while abroad. For those that have advantage plans, health coverage must be bought through your present insurance carrier. Hoperfully Fresenius Mexico will have more current dialyzers like Liberty or Baxter that can be rented for those that can afford it and make travel more easy for those of us that like to travel abroad.


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            Thank you for the info on travel to mexico. We traveled frequently to Mexico before I became a PD member in Feb 2016. However I also hope I can travel by bus now. Will keep you posted.


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